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Jim Walsh remembers as a child during WW2 discovering a dead airman.

(This item has audio as well - click here to go to it)A Bf 109 Messerschmitt 

Jim Walsh while interviewing Tauranga Resident Group Captain John R Gard'ner, recalled the following memory of his own.

"Did you have any lucky charms on your plane? Or anything? You know, some people have a red handkerchief...I recall as a boy, coming across a crash site in England and they’d landed in, er this a Messerschmitt landed in a churchyard. I remember seeing the pilot hanging from the er... all burnt on er... members of his body hanging from the trees.

Before the police cordoned off we as young fellas, I was only say about 8, 9 or 10 at the time fossicked around and we picked up a shell, a canon shell. The head of the canon shell had been fired and it was just empty and inside it was rosary beads. So obviously the pilot was ... Ah "

"no I had nothing like that" (John R Gard'ner replies)


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