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After Jock's death it fell to family and friends to inform and share memories with Jock's parents. There was some debate about whether or no his parents should be told that Jock had not been buried.

This page archived at Perma CC in January of 2017: 


1941 05 30: Keith writes home to inform parents of his brother's death.


1941 06 05: Stuart Wilson writes to Jocks Parents


 A single page (copy) from a letter by Keith back home to his parents is archived at Perma CC here:


1941 10 18 Murray Hume's letter to Neil Hume, introducing a previous letter from Capt Sneddon (which follows) and wondering whether the parents should be told about Jock not getting a burial.


1941 09 20: Capt Sneddon writes to Murray Hume re Jocks burial

1941 10 21: Neil's reply to Murray's letter.

1941 10 18: Murrays reply to Neil


Sgt Bob Peterspm account of Jock Humes death


1945 10 12: Keith Hume's letter to George Storey

1945 10 14: George Storey's reply to Keith Hume

1981 06 26: Neil Hume writes to Murray Hume 


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Letters regarding Jocks death

Year:1940 and 1941