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6th (Hauraki) Battalion Group Newsletter - Kia Kaha

Major Russell Skeet in the 1980s
Photograph of Major Russell Skeet taken during the 1980s and digitised at Tauranga City Libraries as part of a 6th (Hauraki) Regimental Association digitiation project with the library.

During 2015 Major (retired) Russell Skeet provided digital copies of some of the 6th (Hauraki) Battalion Groups newsletters, the Kia Kaha.
Explaining the difference between the Kia Kaha and the Hauraki News he writes:

Kia Kaha was the newsletter of the 6th (Hauraki) Battalion Group (6 Hau), i.e. the Territorial Force Volunteer (N.Z.D.F.) unit, whereas the Hauraki News is the newsletter of the 6th Hauraki Regimental Association – an organisation set up to support the 6 Hau unit. I was a soldier and officer of 6 Hau for about 28 years, and for a short time before my contract ended I was editor of the Kia Kaha newsletter. This newsletter was started sometime around 2000 and was, before I took over from her in 2002, edited by Julia Banks, wife of Lt Col Warren Banks, former Commanding Officer of 6 Hau.

Available editions

  1. 2003 Summer
  2. 2003 Autumn
  3. 2003 Spring
  4. 2005 Autumn
  5. 2006 Summer
  6. 2006 Winter
  7. 2007 Spring
  8. 2008 Autumn
  9. 2009 Spring
  10. 2009 Autumn

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