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During the First World War, letters to and from home were an essential part of the Allied Forces well being. Today they're a valuable insight into the events, hearts and minds of our ancestors during those difficult years. Turning scanned letters into typed text, gives younger generations a better chance at reading them, as well as making them searchable online. Often it will be those over 50 who still have a good eye for handwritten text.

Meet Leonard and Eric. Leonard worked in Tauranga in the Department of Labour after the War but during it, he served in the New Zealand Medical Corp. His brother served in the Auckland Mounted Rifles in Egypt. Both these guys wrote letters home which we have today because they were lent to the Tauranga City Library's Research Collctions for scanning. 

You can read about Leonard's war expereinces and his brother Eric's, by choosing a link below. You can open up a letter and read it online. You can also open a document to type in your transcription. The easiest way is to:

  1. Choose a letter.
  2. On the letter's page, right click the "download" link and "Open in a New window". 
  3. On the letter's page, right click the invitation to transcribe link and "Open in a New window". 
  4. Position these two pages side by side on your screen for your convenience. The easiest way to do this is to grab the top of each page (left click and hold the banner), and drag it over the edge of the screen before letting it go. It will automatically snap to fill exactly one half of your screen.


To learn about and get transcribing Leonard's letters, click here (

To learn about and get transcribing Eric's letters, click here (

Tauranga Transcribers wanted 

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Tauranga Transcribers Wanted