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In 2015 the WW100 Tauranga Committee ran three competitions for local schools. Over seventy people attended the prize-giving which was held at Tauranga City Library at 4.30pm on Friday 22 May 2015. Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout awarded the essay prizes. Susan Brocker and Tauranga RSA's Paul Anderson awarded the diary prizes and the RSA's Peter Moss and Heather Waldron awarded the postcard prizes.

Essay Division:

Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015): Kelvin Clout with Aimee Tomlinson

Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout with Aimee Tomlinson, first prize winner in the essay competition

Diary Division:

Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015): Susan Brocker and Catherine Van Pelt

Author and judge Susan Brocker with Catherine Van Pelt, first prize winner in the diary competition

Postcard Division:

Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015): Heather Waldron and Peter Moss with Aston Hamilton

Heather Waldron and Peter Moss with Aston Hamilton, first prize winner in the postcard competition

The judges of Tauranga’s World War One competition were overwhelmed with entries. Local schools have submitted over 500 entries in the essay, diary and postcard competitions.

Organisers Fiona Kean and Debbie McCauley are delighted. “It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm from students,” said Fiona. “It’s wonderful how the schools have supported this initiative from the WW100 Tauranga committee,” said Debbie.

Librarian Stephanie Smith and Cultural Heritage Manager Dean Flavell judged the senior student essay division:

  • “A difficult topic for students to handle, because it is about more than just the war, but about the whole concept of national identity.” Stephanie Smith
  • “The winning essay addresses how New Zealanders learned their own identity in the war not just by being good soldiers but by comparing themselves with the British and the Australians.” Stephanie Smith
  • “The writer shows an understanding of how a relatively obscure and deeply unsuccessful campaign came to be of such importance to New Zealanders.” Stephanie Smith

Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015): Stephanie Smith

Judge Stephanie Smith reading the WW100 essays

Local author Susan Brocker judged the diary division:

  • “I was very impressed with the high standard of entries for the WW1 Diary Competition. The entries showed a high degree of factual accuracy and understanding of the historical context as well as demonstrating empathy and creative flair.”
  • “I commend all the students on the research and hard work that went into creating these wonderful diaries.” 

Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015): Peter Moss, Susan Brocker & Paul Anderson

Judge Susan Brocker with Peter Moss and Paul Anderson from the Mount and Tauranga RSA's reading the diaries

 Artist Debbie Tipuna judged the postcard division:

  • “It is always difficult to judge creativity as any decision is always subjective. The postcards were impressive and the messages home were heartfelt and moving as they depicted the pain and anguish of war and being away from loved ones.” 
  • “It was obvious that some had researched their topic extensively and this was commendable.”
  • “It was difficult to select entries that excelled in both their written and illustrative content as there were many standouts in one category or the other.”
  • “A difficult task but gratifying to see the detail and effort made by the entrants.”

Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015): Debbie Tipuna

Judge Debbie Tipuna reading the postcard entries

The winners were announced on Friday 22 May during an event at Tauranga City Library starting at 4.30pm. 

Prizes were sponsored by Tauranga and Mount Maunganui RSA’s.

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Tauranga and Districts WW100 Competitions (2015)