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Tukapa Toi Makaraure was only 16 years old when he enlisted to serve during World War I. While in France he became ill with bronchial pneumonia during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Tukapa died in the 8th Canadian Stationary Hospital at Dunkirk in Nord, France on 30 December 1918. Story by Debbie McCauley.

Tukapa Toi Makaraure was born at Maungatapu in Tauranga on 27 August 1901. His parents were Toi Te Mango McLeod and Hinenui Matarere McLeod. His father had died in July 1915 and was buried near the beach at Maungatapu Marae. The family may have lived at Maungatawa near Welcome Bay and Pāpāmoa in the Tauranga area

His eldest brother, Tareha McLeod, could be contacted c/- Miss Lundon via the Native School at Pāpāmoa. The siblings were:

  1. Tareha Thomas McLeod (1899-1960) WWI - no longer physically fit for service on account of illness
  2. Tarawhata Kaha McLeod (1900-1975)
  3. Tukapa Toi Makaraure (1901-1918) WWI France - 1918 Influenza Pandemic
  4. Te Huatahi McLeod (1903-1916)
  5. Tarahita McLeod (female) (1905-1908)
  6. Te Pohoi McLeod (1906-1978)
  7. Te Waata Toi McLeod (1908-1970)
  8. Tahuriwakanui McLeod (1911-1986)

Elder brother Tareha was born in Tauranga on 20 July 1899. He signed up to serve during World War I on 6 March 1917 (Service No. 19697), giving his birth date as  20 July 1897. He was posted to the New Zealand (Māori) Pioneer Battalion and served in France.

Tukapa enlisted to serve during World War I on 22 November 1917 giving his birth date as 27 August 1896 and changing his last name to Toi. He was only 16 years old. Tupaka trained at the Narrow Neck Military Camp in Auckland and was posted to the New Zealand (Māori) Pioneer Battalion.

Elder brother Tareha was very unhappy that his brother had run away to war, but was unable to track him down as he didn't realise that Tukapa had enlisted using Toi as his last name. 

On 11 September 1918 Tareha was reported as suffering from trachoma (eye disease) in both eyes in the village of Bayencourt in Somme, northern France. On 19 December 1918 he embarked for New Zealand on board the hospital ship Marama. On 28 January 1918 Tareha was sent to the convalescent home at Devonport in Auckland and on 28 February was discharged from war service as being 'no longer physically fit for service on account of illness contracted on active service'

The brother's cousin, Whetu Werohia, had made a point of searching for Tukapa in the trenches because of a promise made to their grandfather Hikurangi Te Whetu. The family story tells of Whetu discovering Tukapa ill in the trenches then picking him up and carrying him 200 miles behind enemy lines to camp. On 28 December 1918 Tukapa was admitted to hospital in France. The following day he was reported as being dangerously ill with bronchial pneumonia.

Private Tukapa Toi Makaraure died of bronchial pneumonia in the 8th Canadian Stationary Hospital at Dunkirk in Nord, France on 30 December 1918 during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. He was aged 17. Dunkirk operated as a French hospital centre where the 8th Canadian Stationary Hospital was located from November 1918 to April 1919.

Tukapa was buried in the Dunkirk Town Cemetery along with 460 other Commonwealth burials of the First World War.

Tukapa Toi Makaraure (1896-1918)

After the war that the Rangataua soldiers bought a war memorial headstone and placed it to lie beside their father Toi, who is buried at Maungatapu Marae near the beach. 



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Tukapa Toi Makaraure (1901-1918)

Note:Service Number: 60559
First Names:Tukapa Toi
Last Name:Makaraure
Date of Birth:27 August 1901
Place of Birth:Maungatapu, Tauranga
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:30 December 1918
Place of death:8th Canadian Stationary Hospital, Dunkirk, Nord, France
Place of burial:Dunkirk Town Cemetery, France
Fathers name:Toi Te Mango McLeod
Fathers date of birth:c1877
Fathers place of birth:Maungatapu, Tauranga, New Zealand
Fathers date of death:8 July 1915
Fathers place of death:buried Maungatapu Marae
Mothers name:Hinenui Matarere McLeod
Mothers date of birth:c1880
Mothers place of birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
Mothers date of death:12 January 1923
Mothers place of death:Tauranga, New Zealand
Name of sibilings:Te Waata Toi McLeod, Tahuriwakanui McLeod, Tareha Thomas McLeod, Tarawhata Kaha McLeod, Te Huatahi McLeod, Tarahita McLeod (female) , and Te Pohoi McLeod
Military Service:World War I (1914-1918)