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Motiti Island farm hand Hone Koti enlisted to serve during World War I on 24 October 1917. On 5 June 1918 he was admitted to Brockenhurst Hospital in England, suffering from chorea and tuberculosis (TB). Discharged as medically unfit, he returned to New Zealand on board the HS Marama. Hone died in Tauranga on 11 August 1919 and was buried in the Rangiwaea Island (Te Pirau) Maori Cemetery. Story by Debbie McCauley.

Hone Koti was born on Motiti Island near Tauranga on 15 May 1893. His mother's name was Mere Koti.

Hone was employed as a farm hand on Motiti Island by Jack Nomene

In around 1914 he suffered a bout of rheumatic fever.

On 24 October 1917 Hone enlisted to serve during World War I, attesting at Tauranga. He trained at Narrow Neck camp in Auckland.

He embarked on 8 February 1918 with the 34th Rifles, arriving in the United Kingdom on 29 March 1918 where he was posted as a Private to the New Zealand Māori (Pioneer) Battalion.

Hone was admitted to the First New Zealand General Hospital at Brockenhurst on 5 June 1918 suffering from chorea, an abnormal involuntary movement disorder which may have been caused by the rheumatic fever he suffered a few years earlier. On 27 July 1918 he was classified as no longer physically fit for war service on account of illness contracted on active service (chorea & TB).

On 7 August 1918 he was medically evacuated, returning to New Zealand on board the HS Marama on 21 September 1918. He was discharged on 18 April 1919.

Hone was treated for tuberculosis at the Te Waikato Sanitorium in Cambridge.

Private Hone Koti died of tuberculosis in Tauranga on 11 August 1919, aged 26. His death was attributed to war service. He was buried in the Rangiwaea Island (Te Pirau) Maori Cemetery.

Hone Koti (1893-1919)


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Hone Koti (1893-1919)

Note:Service Number: 60543
First Names:Hone
Last Name:Koti
Date of Birth:15 May 1893
Place of Birth:Motiti Island, Tauranga
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:11 August 1919
Place of death:Tauranga
Place of burial:Rangiwaea Island (Te Pirau) Maori Cemetery
Occupation:farm hand
Fathers place of birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
Mothers name:Mere
Mothers place of birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
Military Service:World War I (1914-1918)

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