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The information on this timeline was collected by Fiona Kean and appears on the WW100 Tauranga Facebook page.

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4 November 1914 Mayor Robbins convenes a public meeting at Coronation Hall to discuss fundraising efforts for the relief of stricken Belgains

10 November 1914 Former Tauranga Borough Councillor and long-time resident Mr Ellis Wrigley joins the New Zealand Horse Contingent in London.
13 November 1914 Throughout the Borough 71 pounds has been raised for the Belgian Relief fund. Tomorrow ladies will go house to house for a further collection and the Band will play on the Strand.

17 November 1914 Should any of His Majesty’s enemies contemplate landing in the Bay of Plenty they are likely to meet with a warm reception from the Maoris judging by the following letter which has been received by Major Bennett  from a native in this county. “I and my friends wish you to supply us with seven government guns with 700 rounds of ammunition as we are desirous of being ready and useful for defence.”
18 November 1914 Dr Pomare, Minister in the Cabinet representing the native race and M.P. for the Western Maori electorate is due to arrive in Tauranga on Friday.
21 November 1914 Dr Pomare is here staying at the Commercial Hotel and spoke at Bethlehem to a very good reception.


23 November 1914 On Saturday Dr Pomare met with all leading chiefs of Tauranga district. The meeting was very successful.


28 November 1914 Tauranga members of the re-inforcements  now in camp at Trentham ask for handkerchiefs and mufflers. Captain Mirrielees, Tauranga’s unofficial recruitment officer asserts that men who went from Tauranga shall not go short of such necessaries as these. Donations of the kind should be dropped off at Captain Mirrielees Chemist Shop and will be sent promptly to Trentham.




7 January 1915 William Gifford editor of the Bay of Plenty Times encourages Tauranga residents to buy British made: 

A communication read at the Harbour Board meeting yesterday from His Majesty's Trade Commissioner in New Zealand, once again emphasises the great necessity of giving the all-important subject of Imperial trade our most earnest consideration. Many British manufacturers, the circular points out, are now, shut off from their market on the Continent of Europe and are therefore anxious to find fresh outlets for their goods. On the other hand many articles hitherto supplied largely both to the United Kingdom and foreign markets by Germany and Austria are now being, and will as time goes on to an increasing extent be, manufactured in the United Kingdom. The Board of Trade is energetically at work focusing information on these points and endeavouring to bring buyers and sellers together … A list of goods of British manufacture for which buyers are required is appended to the circular. The list is most comprehensive, and demonstrates clearly that if backed by a determination to for ever ban the German and Austrian articles all our needs can be met by the British manufacturer.” Bay of Plenty Times 

13 January 1915 The Mayoress invites ladies willing to assist in making comforts for the members of the expeditionary forces to meet at the Borough Council Chambers at 7:30pm tomorrow.

15 January 1915 An infantry camp will be held in Tauranga. Commencing on Friday the 22nst. The men will be camped near the rifle range. The camp will be under the instruction of Capt. Mirrielees

20 January 1915 Colonel Ward left by last night’s steamer for Auckland where he attends a district refresher course for senior officers.

25 January 1915 Mr J Skinner, brother of Constable Skinner, has three sons at the front as officers and two sons at Trentham engaged in drilling recruits. In total Constable Skinner has eight nephews at the front.

27 January 1915 There will be a parade of senior cadets tomorrow at 2 o’clock. At 7pm on Friday there will be a lecture to NCO’s at the defence office.

4 February 1915 The ladies who are busy making comforts for the members of the 6th Hauraki Regiment are requested to kindly send them in by Saturday next to either the Mayoress, Mrs Robins or Mrs Merrielees.

9 February 1915 By this morning’s coach twenty-five outfits comprising holdalls, housewives, balaclava, caps, socks, cholera belts, handkerchiefs, mufflers, were dispatched by the Ladies Committee for the members of the 6th Hauraki Regiment now in camp. The twenty-five cholera belts were purchased in Dunedin and presented by two local ladies.

10 February 1915 Captain Feldon, Area Officer, has received notice of his transfer to Auckland. The position here will be filled by Major McKenzie.

11 February 1915 Major McKenzie who succeeds Captain Feldon as area officer for the district has arrived in Tauranga and is staying in the Star Hotel.

18 February 1915 Major Browne Commander of the No. 2 Group arrived in Tauranga from Paeroa on Wednesday and left for Whakatane this morning. He hopes to return to Tauranga on Monday or Tuesday next and stay at the Star Hotel.

3 March 1915 A wing camp of the 4th (Waikato) Mounted Rifles will be  held in the show paddock, Tauranga, from the 5th to the 25th inst. Members of the D & E Squadrons, comprising the Bay of Plenty wing of the regiment will attend.

5 March 1915 George Wilson is to give demonstration of Hypnotism at the Mount to raise funds for the Belgians.

6 March 1915 About 60 men of the 4th Mounted Rifles went into camp yesterday on the show grounds under Lieutenant Yerex.

12 March 1915 A fine military film showing a good display of horsemanship by the USA cavalry will be screened at the Opera House to night for the special benefit of the soldier visitors who have arranged to attend in full force.

13 March 1915 The camp of the 4th Mounted Rifles on the showground will be thrown open tomorrow afternoon. A service will be conducted at the camp at 9:45am by Reverend E. D. Rice.

22 March 1915 A fine military parade will be witnessed to night when about 80 mounted troops from camp will parade through Tauranga en route to the Opera House by invitation of the proprietors of the Lyric Pictures. The troopers will arrive at the hall at 7:30pm.

23 March 1915 The Omanawa Mill employees will hold a social and dance in the school house at Omanawa next Thursday evening. The proceeds are to be given to the Belgian Fund and as the object is a deserving one no doubt there will be a large attendance.

3 April 1915 About 40 members of the 6th Hauraki Regiment will leave Tauranga on Friday morning to attend the annual training camp of the regiment at Paeroa. It is expected that about 800 men will be present in camp.

12 April 1915 About 600 men belonging to the 6th Regiment are now in camp at Paeora. The company is under Lieut-Colonel Perritt.

19 April 1915 Tauranga troops home from Paeroa where they were most successful and had an instructive and enjoyable week.

20 April 1915 The latest war film “With our troops in France” is to screen at the Opera House.

27 April 1915 An article on the attack of the Dardanelles, Gallipoli, appears in the Bay of Plenty Times.

29 April 1915 Charles Macmillan elected Mayor 361 votes to 299 (against John Adams).

30 April  1915 The greatest military film ever shown in New Zealand, The War Dogs of Today, showing at the Opera House. Children can see this film free of charge.

30 April 1915 Crowds gather outside the Star Hotel to read a message from the Prime Minister re Gallipoli invasion.

5 May 1915 Tauranga receives word of the death of Lieutenant Dodson, 6th Hauraki.

5 May 1915 “Naturally much anxiety exists as to the casualties among the men and this morning we dispatched a telegram to the Press Association asking whether any particulars were yet available as to the men killed and received the following reply – List casualties among ranks not yet issued.” The Bay of Plenty Times

6 May 1915 Tauranga Borough Council passes motion that a letter of condolence should be forwarded to Mrs Dodson, mother of Lieutenant Dodson.

7 May 1915 12 Officers of the 6th Hauraki Regiment and others in this district have registered their names for active service. The next draft of 90 men from the Haurakis will leave on 25 may and the following draft of 70 on 11th June.

8 May 1915 All members of the Territorial Force are requested to attend the memorial service in Holy Trinity Church tomorrow evening to the late Lieutenant Dodson.

8 May 1915 News received of the death of Lieutenant Ronald T. Matheson, who was killed in action in German South West Africa. “The news of the death of Lieutenant Matheson will be received with regret by a large circle of friends in Tauranga.”

15 May 1915 A special service of intercession and prayer is to be conducted tomorrow evening for those who have been bereaved of loved ones through the same cause, both on the battlefield and by shipwreak.

21 May 1915 Meeting to discuss fundraising for New Zealand hospital ship held at Town Hall.

22 May 1915 Concerns expressed in the Bay of Plenty Times over possible ‘naturalised enemies’ living in Tauranga.

24 May 1915 Col. Ward asks Tauranga’s residents to give generously to the Hospital Ship Fund.

25 May 1915 Letter from the Mayor of Auckland to the Mayor of Tauranga asks for help to equip New Zealand’s hospital ships.

27 May 1915 A recruiting rally calls for more men to enlist. Rally to be held at the Opera House.

28 May 1915 Street collection by the Tauranga Ladies Committee to raise funds for the New Zealand Hospital Ship Fund.

28 May 1915 A social organised by the Tauranga Social Club is a great success. Money raised given to the Belgian Relief Fund.

29 May 1915 The Bay of Plenty Times reports that the recruiting rally was a great gathering. “The Opera House was crowded to its utmost capacity last night when a public meeting was held to stimulate recruiting in this district.”

1 June 1915 Proceeds from a social in the Masonic Hall “are to be devoted towards the relief of distress in the world.”

3 June 1915 A field day held at the Mount included territorials and senior cadets from Tauranga and Te Puke. Day included an ‘attack’ on the Mount by Te Puke which was held by the Tauranga forces.

7 June 1915 Mr G. Alley who is well known in this district donated a section valued at 200 pounds to the Hospital Ship Fund at Te Aroha.

8 June 1915 Captain Joseph Frazer-hurst (M.D.) , former resident of Tauranga and Te Puke appointed to the No.1 New Zealand Stationary Hospital for service abroad.

9 June 1915 County Council propose the purchase of a flagstaff to erect on the council building. A Union Jack will be flown to show support for the war effort.

15 June 1915 A untied prayer meeting to be held in the Salvation Army Hall next week to pray for peace and lost loved ones.

17 June 1915 Proprietors of Lyric Pictures play tribute to local boy Pte Edgar Sheppard by showing his photograph on the screen and playing the Funeral March before playing that night’s film.  Children were admitted for free.

21 June 1915 Following poem appears in The Bay of Plenty Times: What have you done for your country! How have you answered the Call. Are you pleased with the part you are playing, In the job that demands us all. Have you changed the tweed for the khaki, To serve with the rank and file. As your comrades are gladly serving. Or isn't it worth the while? Can you meet the eyes of your fellows, Or have you to turn away, When they talk of the stay-at-home slacker.

22 June 1915 His Excellency the Governor acknowledges the goods sent from Tauranga for the Hospital Ship.

23 June 1915 Mrs Brewer is raffling her burnt poker work to raise money for soldiers at the front.

24 June 1915 Tauranga Social Club to hold dance at Coronation Hall. Proceeds to go to Hospital Ship Fund.

24 June 1915 A dance for young people to be held at the Foresters’ Hall. Proceeds to go to Hospital Ship Fund.

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