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Thomas Clemson was a farmer at Gate Pa in Tauranga. He signed up for World War I and was killed in action in France on 27 September 1916.

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Thomas Clemson (1871-1916)

Thomas Clemson was born in Cannock, Staffordshire, England on 27 February 1871 to the Reverend William Clemson and his wife Elizabeth.

He was a farmer at Gate Pa in Tauranga.

Thomas enlisted for World War I (Serial No: 23345). He embarked from Wellington on 27 May 1916 aboard the Tofua for Devonport, England. Thomas was a rifleman with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade (7th Reinforcements 1st Battalion, E Company).

He was killed at Somme, France, on 27 September 1916. Thomas was aged 45.

The New Zealand Herald ran the following: PRIVATE T. CLEMSON. Private Thomas Clemson, who was killed in action on September 27, was 45 years of age. Prior to enlisting he was engaged as a farmer on his own property at Gate Pa. He was born in Cannock, Staffordshire, England, being the youngest son of the Rev. Wm. Clemson, of Manchester. He came to New Zealand about 25 years ago, and shortly afterwards settled in Tauranga, farming first on Cambridge Road and later at Gate Pa (24 October 1916, p. 6).



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Thomas Clemson (1871-1916)

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Thomas Clemson (1871-1916)

First Names:Thomas
Last Name:Clemson
Date of Birth:27 February 1871
Place of Birth:Cannock, Staffordshire
Country of birth:England
Date of death:27 September 1916
Place of death:Somme, France
Place of burial:Caterpillar Valley (New Zealand) Memorial
Name of the ship:Tofua
Fathers name:William Hall Clemson
Fathers date of birth:July 1839
Fathers place of birth:Abingdon, Berkshire, England
Fathers date of death:18 January 1925
Fathers place of death: Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Mothers name:Elizabeth Heaton
Mothers date of birth:c1841
Mothers place of birth: Heywood, Lancashire, England
Name of sibilings:William H Clemson, Isabella Margaret Clemson, and Herbert Henry Clemson
Military Service:World War I (1914-1918)