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Herbert (Bertie) Henry Glasspool (R.N.V.R) was born 31 May 1890. Early in the First World War he signed up with the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry and was invalided out account of an injury received in 1916. Back home in England he was “white feathered” and in response to this, joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves. During his Naval service he carried a camera with him and compiled the following facinating photograph album. See also the extracted photographs in the related items to this article. High quality scans are held at the Tauranga City Libraries Research Collections. 

From 1917 to 1919 he was Paymaster aboard the Q Ship H.M.S. Partridge II.

Bertie also wrote short stories under the pseudonym “Herbert Gee” and sketched cartoons and caricatures. Many of threse were published in local papers. 

Timeline of events within certifiactes and documents accompanying his photograph album.

  • 1904 - At 14 years of age is given a letter of recommendation by Leyton Newport Boys School Board.
  • 1917 Feb 28 - Leyton District Educaton Committee writes letter in support of application for Assistant Paymaster in HMS Navy
  • 1917 March 22 - Past Chairman of Leyton District Council and Justice of the Peace for the County of Essex, writes letter in support of application as Temporary Assistant Paymaster, Royal Naval Reserve.
  • 1917 April 4 - The Admiral Commanding Coast Guard & Reserve writes letter in support of application as Temporary Assistant Paymaster Royal Naval Reserve.
  • 1917 May 29 - Certificate written confirming service as Assistant Paymaster from May 9 to 29 aboard H.M.S. Lion "to my satisfaction" by Captain.
  • 1919 February 24 - Certificate written confirming service as Paymaster Lieutenant R.N.R. from March 19 1918 to February 24 1919 aboard H.M.S. Partridge II "entrirely to my satisfaction has performed the duties of Accountant Officer in Charge in a very able manner, at all times attentive to his dutues" by Captain Siggers (Captain of H.M.S. Partridge II).

1919 June 26 - Wife Claudia and two year old son Herbert Frank have passpot stamped entering Malta where they joined Bertie.

    • 1919 September 4 - Certificate written confirming service as Paymaster Lieutenant in Charge R.N.R. from February 25 1919 to September 4 1919 aboard H.M.S. Partridge II "entirely to my satisfaction. Has acted as Accountant Officer in charge, including virtually the ships convoy and troops on passage, and in all his duties showing himself a zealous, painstaking and reliable officer" of Partridge II.
    • 1919 October 8 - Certificate written confirming service as Paymaster Lieutenant R.N.R. aboard H.M.S. Victory from September 5 1919 to November 2 1919 "time only" by Commodore for H.M.S Victory".


After the war and in response to an outcry regarding the welcoming of a U Boat Commander visiting England he wrote the following letter (click here for transcript).


The Photograph Album of Herbert Glasspool (see related items for clearer images)



Sketches by Herbert

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Herbert Henry Glasspool (1890-1958)

First Names:Hebert (Bertie) Henry
Last Name:Glasspool
Date of Birth:31 May 1890
Country of birth:England
Date of death:28 August 1958
Spouses name:Claudia Florence Dyer
Spouses date of birth:November 9 1891
Spouses place of birth:Essex
Spouses date of death:27 January 1973
Name of the children:Henry Frank Herbert and Doreen Claudia Glasspool
Military Service:WWI Light Infantry (wounded) and WWI RNVR (Q Ships)