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This description of Sloan Morpeth (18899) was in the introduction of Allan Philip Morpeth's book,The “Waiheathens” at Gallipoli.

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Sloan Morpeth

Enlisted 24 Jan 1917 with Auckland Infantry Regiment. Prior to this he was a bank clerk with the National Bank in Waihi. Served in France and was wounded in April 1918. Returned to NZ in 1919 where he became a superb golfer, winning two N Z Amateur titles and the NZ Open championship in the 1920’s. Moved to Australia in 1929 and became secretary of Commonwealth Golf Club in Melbourne. After retiring in the mid 1960’s he became a golf course designer. Sloan died in 1970. (Aged 73, married with one daughter).

Sloan's Military Record can be viewed on Archway (please click)

The Waihi Art Centre and Museum has an intereseting article (please click)


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Sloan Morpeth (1897-1970)

First Names:Sloan
Last Name:Morpeth
Date of Birth:1897
Date of death:1970
Fathers name:Henry Douglas Morpeth
Mothers name:Kath Morpeth (nee ?)
Military Service:WWI
Member of Society:Secretary of Commonwealth Golf Club in Melbourne
Activities involved in:NZ Open championship in the 1920’s