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This description of Moore Morpeth (18899) was in the introduction of Allan Philip Morpeth's book,The “Waiheathens” at Gallipoli

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Moore Morpeth (1895-1915)

Enlisted 12 Aug 1914 with Auckland Infantry Battalion and formed with 6th Haurakis. Prior to this was a Law Clerk with Stewart & Johnson of Auckland. “He was in the first group of the Battle of the Landing on the slopes of Baby 700. Reported wounded 25th April. When pushed back by the Turks on the slopes of Baby 700 an Australian was struck down near him so Morpeth went to his assistance. He was attending to the wounded man when he was hit by a bullet that paralysed him. His comrades were forced to fall back and the next day when the ground was retaken he was found dead.” (Ref ‘Bloody Gallipoli by Richard Stowers, pg 341) Killed in Action at Gallipoli, 25 April 1915. (Aged 20, never married) Some of his letters sent home form part of the above narrative and have a flair not often seen at that time.

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Moore Morpeth (1895-1915)

First Names:Moore
Last Name:Morpeth
Date of Birth:1895
Date of death:1915
Fathers name:Henry Douglas Morpeth
Mothers name:Kath Morpeth (Nee ?)
Military Service:WWI