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This summary of service was posted in the 1997 No 5 Hauraki Newsletter.

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6th Hauraki Insignia

Lt.Col "Bob" Retires.

After being associated with the NZ Army for more than 47 years, Lt. Col. H.R. (Bob) Burt has retired from his position as Honorary Colonel with the 6th Battalion (Hauraki) R.N.Z.I.R Regiment.

Reflecting on his many years of service Lt.Col Burt said: The two best things about soldiering were the quality of the guys in the SAS both Officers and soldiers and to have been able to command the Battalion I came from-the 6th Haurakis. It was like coming back to my own family.

Lt.Col.Burt began his military career with the first intake of Compulsory military training in 1950 at the age of 18.

He was associated with the TF since the beginning of his career and it is fitting that his last position was as honorary colonel with the same battalion he began with.

His first annual camp was commanded by Lt.Col. Ted Aked and his commissioning class included Hui Woods, who tracked with the SAS and British Army and also John Masters and Geo MacCleod.

Volunteering for service with 2nd Battalion NZ Regiment in 1959 Lt.Col Burt and two other TF Officers were sent to Malaya for two years.

Joining the Regular Force on his return, Lt.Col.Burt was subsequently accepted by the SAS as an officer.

He was posted to RF Depot at Burnham for a short time before joining Lt.Col.Mace in Singapore in 1972 as OC Admin Coy and ended that tour with a trip to England on Exercise Return Trip Two.

Taking over command of 6th Hauraki in 1979 meant that his career had turned full circle and that he was" back to his own family".

Although he retired from the RF two years later he returned to the battalion in 1989 with his appointment as Honorary Colonel.



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