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Edward Watt Garmonsway received a gunshot wound to the abdomen whilst fighting in France during World War I (1914-1918). He was my second great uncle - Debbie McCauley.

Edward Watt Garmonsway was born in Pirongia on 20 June 1885 (reg. 1885/8131). His parents were Thomas and Albertina Garmonsway (nee Meyer) who married in St John's Church, Te Awamutu, on 14 August 1880 (reg. 1880/1949).

He was called up for war service and on 14 June 1917 the Hawera & Normanby Star reported: 

Edward Watt Garmonsway, contractor, Rowan, asked for time to dispose of his horse teams. Horses were very low in price just now, and he would ask for time till about August, when they would bring better prices. He had six draught horses, with work for them to do during the winter, but with the present price of oats and chaff people were not anxious to keep horses through the winter. Leave was granted till July 24, and if the horses were then unsold, the Board recommended that Garmonsway be granted a few days extra to dispose of them (p. 5)

On 16 November 1917 Edward embarked with the 32nd Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Regiment (A Company) aboard the Willochra for Liverpool, England.

His younger brother Harold Gordon Garmonsway (1889-1918) was killed on 27 March 1918 during the Battle of Somme.

Fighting in France, Edward received a gunshot wound to the abdomen on 9 May 1918 and was admitted to hospital, being transferred back to Hornchurch Convalescent Hospital in England on 16 May and rejoining his battalion on 31 October. His record shows a possible further injury after he was posted back to service, but details are unclear. He was discharged from the army on 7 October 1919.

Edward married Euphemia Lyle Butler (1891-1969) on 10 November 1920 (reg. 1920/11774). Euphemia was born on 8 April 1891 (reg. 1891/8213) to Margaret and William Butler.

The children of Edward and Euphemia:

  1. Jean Alma Garmonsway (1921-2003). Born 29 October 1921. She married Cecil Hunter Ham (1911-1999). Jean died in 2003 (reg. 2003/18711).
  2. Alice Florence Garmonsway (twin to Helen) (1923-2011). Born 10 August 1923. She married Stanley William Robins (1917-2001). Alice died in 2011 (reg. 2011/25951).
  3. Helen Olive Garmonsway (twin to Alice) (1923-2006). Born 10 August 1923. She married Ralph Frederick Castle (1921-1992). Helen died in 2006 (reg. 2006/19339).
  4. Leslie Allan Garmonsway (1925-1984). Born on 22 October 1925. He died, aged 58, in 1984 (reg. 1984/46714).
  5. Jim Garmonsway (1942-?). Born on 10 November 1942. Note: Unsure about this information, details still to be investigated.

Edward died in Hawera, aged 82, on 13 September 1967 (reg. 1967/29287). He was buried in Hawera General Presbyterian Cemetery on 15 September 1967.

Euphemia died on 18 September 1969 (reg. 1969/34789). She was buried in Hawera General Presbyterian Cemetery on 29 September 1969.



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Edward Watt Garmonsway (1885-1967)

Note:Service Number: 63853
First Names:Edward Watt
Last Name:Garmonsway
Date of Birth:20 June 1885
Place of Birth:Pirongia, Waikato
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:13 September 1967
Place of death:Hawera
Place of burial:Hawera General Presbyterian Cemetery
Occupation:Contractor and Farmer
Spouses name:Euphemia Lyle Butler
Spouses date of birth:8 April 1891
Spouses place of birth:New Zealand
Spouses date of death:18 September 1969
Spouses place of death:Hawera
Spouses place of burial:Hawera General Presbyterian Cemetery
Date of marriage:10 November 1920
Fathers name:Thomas Garmonsway
Fathers date of birth:12 June 1843
Fathers place of birth:Stockport Barricks, Lancashire, England
Fathers date of death:23 June 1918
Fathers place of death:Paterangi, Te Awamutu
Mothers name:Albertina Meyer
Mothers date of birth:9 October 1863
Mothers place of birth:Germany
Mothers date of death:10 March 1940
Mothers place of death:Leamington, Cambridge
Mothers nationality:German
Name of the children:Jean Alma Garmonsway , Alice Florence Garmonsway , Helen Olive Garmonsway , and Leslie Allan Garmonsway
Military Service:World War I (1914-1918)