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Cedric Kenny Onslow Graham was born in Hamilton on the 21st December 1889, the 10th child of parents William Australia Graham and Alice Graham. He died leading his men "over the top" near the French town of Flers 16th September 1916.

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Hoch! der Kaiser!The items below are letters to, from or about Cedric. Click here to open a 10mb document assembled by Roly on the life of Cedric Graham.

  1. c. 1913 or 1914 Undated Letter to Cedric Graham from his Father, most likely just prior to War breaking out
  2. 1914. August 13. Letter to Cedric Graham from his father imploring his son to return home and not get involved with the war.
  3. 1915. July.  Photo and note home. "Up the Kaiser!"
  4. 1915. August 29. Letter to sister Hilda.
  5. 1916. January 6. Letter to Mother after R&R in England.
  6. 1916. March 16. Letter to Mother from Rugeley Camp.
  7. 1916. March 26. Letter to sister Hilda.
  8. 1916. May 21. Letter from Cedric to his Mother on hearing of his Father's passing.
  9. 1916. June 16. Post Card from France. Cedric Graham writes to his sister prior to heading to the front.
  10. 1916. June 16. Letter from France. Writes to his mother prior to heading "up the line".
  11. 1916. August 1. Hilda (sister) writes to Cedric. 
  12. 1916. September 15. Writing home to Aunt Susie just prior to heading to the front.
  13. 1916 September 27. Seargt. F.W. Soutthorp writes condolences to Cedric's Mother.
  14. 1916 October 12. W.M Falloon of D.L.I writes regarding Cedric's grave location


Cedric Graham









The following appeared on The Family Register of his father William Graham (Mayor of Hamilton).





William Australia Graham 


        Alice Combes        
Married a
t St. Matthews ………Nz. 5th March 1872


On Sunday Feb.18th. 1917

A brass eagle lectern to memory of  W.A. Graham was dedicated in the new church of St. Peters by Archdeacon Cowie.

Hymns sung were 243, 210 & 437. Collect used was for the 2nd Sunday in advent. 

“Cedric Kenny Onslow Graham”4th. Son of Wm. Aust. Graham & Alice Graham

2nd.Lieut. Durham Light Infantry.

Killed in action on Sept. 16th 1916.

Leading his men “over the top” near the village of Flers, “Battle of the Somme” France

Aged 26yrs & 9 months.

On Saturday morning at 9-15am. He was shot in the head & the end was sudden.

He is supposed to be resting about 400yds. N of Susted?……& 200yds. E of Flers.
Particulars sent by Francis? Falloon chaplain, was not buried on Sept. 26th……..1st.
When the British went? to get the dead they were not located how buried we know not.

Cedric left Auckland NZ. August 16th 1910 with his parents . 

On March 23rd. 1913 Wm. & Alice Graham met him in Melbourne, Victoria &

said their final farewell to him on Sunday March 30th.
1913 on Geelong wharf. 

Cedric got his 1st. Class Engineers certificate in the Merchant Service April 6th 1915

& his 2nd Lieut’s order on April 29th 1915. He left Britain for France June 5th 1916.  

Cedric was to marry Annette Welch of Glasgow. 

His sword reached Hamilton, NZ. Feb. 1st 1917.


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Cedric Kenny Onslow Graham (1889-1916)

First Names:Cedric
Last Name:Graham
Date of Birth:1889
Place of Birth:Hamilton

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