Eric William Henry Muir (1914-2004)

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Eric William Henry Muir (1914-2004) .


Born in 1914, Eric William Henry Muir (known as Peter) signed up for World War II as a Lance Bombardier with the 7th New Zealand Anti-Tank Regiment. He was captured in Greece, being reported wounded on 24 April 1941 then reported as a POW on 12 September. In 1943 he wrote a poem home from Stalag 18A to his younger sister Mary. Muir was held as a POW for four years until the end of the war. He arrived in Italy after his release in May 1945. It is assumed that he was in poor shape as from his arrival in New Zealand on 5 September 1945 his war record notes that he was in New Plymouth Hospital until his discharge on 12 December 1945. Photograph: Scanned by Debbie McCauley (from 2004 funeral pamphlet).

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Eric William Henry Muir (1914-2004)

First Names:Eric William Henry
Last Name:Muir
Date of Birth:6 May 1914
Place of Birth:New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand