AD Blair Album Page 13 13-1375

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AD Blair Album Page 13 13-1375.


New Zealander Andrew Dougall Blair fought in WWI as part of the Special Services and in the Royal Navy Reserves. This is a photograph album passed down to his descendants. Read more about his life here. 

Acknowledgement Bruce Laurie (Grandson to A.D. Blair). From an Album of images and ephemera belong to Captain A.D. Blair, a WWI Q-ship captain. Page 13. Top left photograph handwritten on reverse “ADB & 2nd Officer M.V. Islander Christmas Island”. Centre image hand written on reverse “Captain A.D. Blair Taken on board at Singapore”. Top right photograph on reverse “Chinese Junk Singapore”. Bottom left postcard captioned “The Beattie’s Singapore”. On reverse in ADB’s writing “NZ family in Singapore” and in other hand “Wishing Uncle Blair a Happy Xmas and New Year from the Beatties – 1929-36”. Photograph bottom right captioned “Chinese Junk” and on reverse “Chinese Junk under sail”.

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