Charles William Dixon (1909-2002)

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Charles William Dixon (1909-2002) .


Charlie Dickson (Arthur Barnabas Turner's Uncle), East Park, Hull, England (1950s). The working life of Charles Dixon was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II (1939-1945). On 16 July 1940, at age 31, Charles joined the Army (No. 1087770).  His height is recorded a 5ft 77/8ins, his eyes blue and his hair colour brown. His address given as 81 Jalland Street, Hull. Charles served in the Royal Artillery (field) and saw action in the African and Italian campaigns. On 12 May 1944, Charles was injured in Italy during the Battle of Monte Cassino. He was one of a group of five soldiers. Their officer was killed and Charlie shot in the left arm. He nearly lost his life due to his injuries and was subsequently discharged from the army. Shrapnel remained in his left shoulder for the rest of his life. Photograph: Barbara Elizabeth Turner collection. 

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Charles William Dixon (1909-2002)

First Names:Charles William
Last Name:Dixon
Date of Birth:1909
Place of Birth:Drypool, Hull, England
City:East Park, Hull, England

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