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Eric signs letter off to Mother and Father, dating the letter before January 30 1918 when his father died. He also refers to receiving mail dated July 25 and having returned to the camp they'd been at a year previously. The letter might therefore be written between August 1917 and February 1918.

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Transcribed with the help of crowd sourced  anonomous volunteers during 2015.


Egypt / 13/2324 / 4th A. M. R. / N. Z. E. F. / G.P.O. Wellington. / Dear Lill / Received yours of the 25th of July. / We arrived back in our camp that we / were in Last June & received the mail / as well also some pay this afternoon / it was decent to see the canteens / (doz) the wet ones dont trouble me / very much. There is a Y M C A / here but I think it is an Austral / ian Y M. I think but will enquire / Mother never said anything about Victor / being there for dinner : I suppose / they didnt talk about wills or / Lawer’s [sic] letters or anything so nice / (A, hem how I smile) I expect / the dear people are very interested / in us especially some of those old / Women. The first pair of socks / were a little large but the second /

2 / pair fitted A 1. I also received a / parcel from mother the other day / socks & sulphur. Thank you very much. / That was a decent blaze in N. P. / I would have liked to have seen / it more work for the carpenters / I suppose they are getting 14/ [=shillings] a day. / now. Some of the chaps do go ratty / when they hear of men who are / staying back getting big wages / & are single. /

That Diddy [?] will be some lively / spark when he gets a bit older. / I will have to come home to teach / him a little more devilment. / If he grows up like the average / parsons son well he will be / mustard. Never mind about those / photos I will send some more / The old camp has changed a lot / since we were here last Our / Brigade & some Tommies were the / only ones here now There must / be thousands of men I couldnt / say exactly how many but /

3 / there must be a big mob because / there are camps for 3 miles. / The nights are starting to get / cooler & we will soon want / another blanket. They will / serve one out shortly I expect. / We will get leave to Port Said / from here I expect it will be / a bit of a change to get down / there although I would rather go / to Alexandria. /

Goodbye for the Present / with Love to Mother & Father / from Eric.


Acknowledgement Linda Capes. One letter of a collection of WWI letters from Eric Lucas Goodacre (13/2324) (1895-1968) of the Auckland Mounted Rifles.


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