Goodacre E - War Letter undated

Eric refers to the thought of a Camel Corp forming up. The Camel Corp was formed up in January 1916 but New Zealanders weren't added to this until late 1916. It is likely this letter is written toward the end of 1916.

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(Pg1) Dear Mrs Wooley,

I expected a letter from you and was not surprised when i saw your handwriting. I am like you. I wish the war was finished nobody would rejoice more than the men in Egypt at present. I remember miss Barnett. I may have the chance of seeing her although it is very remote at present. I only wish we were near the sea. We are about 7 miles away but it might as well be 77. I thank you for your prayers and hope that i will be spared to come back even if it it only for mothers sake she misses me more than anybody I think. We have a Y.M.C.A amongst us now it is very nice to come up here to write. they also sell us fruit biscuits eat**** although we don’t get much of this as everything has to come on camels. Whenever a supply comes in it is rushed the chaps line up in three rows about 30 deep so you can see how keen they are

(Pg2) for fruit. The supply is generally sold out the evening that it arrives so if you don’t come early it is a case of go without I won’t forget my 21st birthday in a hurry there was a German aeroplane came over and gave us a shake up with its machine gun it was a sort of Pleasant Sunday Afternoon. Yesterday 5 or so of our aeroplanes came over and had a return go at Old Abdul**** it was reported that they had destroyed 5 of the enemy aeroplanes. There is not much doing in the way of fighting in Egypt at present unless we count the fly fights we have at every meal. There is talk of forming a camel corps and taking some out of the mtd. brigade to do it. I don’t fancy the idea of camels myself. The men are very healthy on the whole a few have had rheumatics and sunstroke but it is marvelous how they are keeping up. I don’t think we will go out of Egypt for a bit yet We are to go to the rear for a spell in a few days.

I have not much (k)news as we have not had any mail for a bit.

I Remain

Your Sincere Friend,

E.L Goodacre

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