WWI postcards undated from Eric Goodacre

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Transcripts below courtesty of anonomous volunteers. 

Post card 1 reverse

“Dear Mother…I have posted you a blouse piece and a scarf I hope they reach you safely and that the piece is big enough for you to make up. It is sealed with a half piastre piece you will see if you look at it We had a route march through the country yesterday it is a wonderful country some of the old buildings are lovely I am fit a**** getting fitter every day. Goodbye with love from Eric. X” You could…..

Post card 2 reverse

“you could send… the scarf to dill**** if you like but i have given it to you and you may keep it if you wish to. Goodbye with a big hug and kiss from Eric. X.”

Post card 3 reverse

“We went out…to these gardens in a car they are about 50 minutes run up the nile from Cairo. The control of the lower irrigation scheme is near here. They have modes of all the sluices, locks, and dams at this place”

Post card 4 reverse

“wonderful I believe…there is a lantern lecture on in the YMCA tonight. Which i am going to. We are having extended order work this last week and expect to do our shooting this coming week Goodbye for the present. With best love. From Eric.”

Post card 5 reverse

“I went out to the pyramids…the other day They are indeed a wonderful piece of engineering how they got the immense blocks of stone up beat me. This is a great country for growing lucerne the nile valley grows this mostly. cotton sugar and corn seem to grow very well. The cabbage here grow pretty quick. I have asked mother to send the letters on to you Goodbye with love from Eric

Thank John for his letters and remember me to…….. him.”

Post card 6 reverse

“don’t go in…much for dreaming myself but there is plenty of time for thinking.”

Post card 7 reverse

“Wishing you many…Happy Returns of Your Birthday With Love from Eric

Post card 8 reverse

“Dear Mother I am well and in best of health. Received your letters yesterday german planes have been giving us some bombs lately. I sent a cable to you yesterday. Hope you don’t think when you get it that i have been killed. With best wishes and heaps of love Eric.”

“Mrs H Goodacre



New Plymouth

New Zealand.”

Post card 9 reverse

“These are the pools where we draw our drinking water. It is a long way to water here but when we get there it is good.”


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