WWI Postcard from Hugh Scott 2014 09 15

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Acknowledgement Mary Parker. Photograph of Hugh Scott (1889-1915). WWI postcard to nephew written September 15 1914. Accompanying postcard from Mary Parker "Hugh lived with his parents John & Isabella Scott in Glasgow. He was a 'big brother' to his young nephew George Buchanan Young Jnr who lived with his Grandparents (George’s mother was ill and his father had gone to NZ). Hugh was a clerk in a firm of stockbrokers in Glasgow. Apparently he was a good cricketer, a member of the Uddington Cricket 1st XI & a fast bowler, nicknamed 'Seagull' because of his height & speed. He went tot the First World War with the Cameron Highlanders in 1914. He was killed at the Battle of Loos, France in 1915. There is a memorial headstone at the Pont-Du-Hem Military Cemetery, La Gorgue.

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