Goodacre L - WWI letter 1917 August 29

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Transcribed during a crowd source project in 2015.


Codford Camp

Aug 29th 1917

Dear mother,

I am leaving this camp for Sling next week I think, and I don’t supose I will be there very long either. The weather is starting to get very cold here too, and it is raining nearly every day.

I was down in Codford the other evening to a concert in the Y.M.C.A it was tip top too; they have a concert here every night in some part of the camp or other.

While I was in the street in the village a car came through, at a good speed. There were three women wheeling prams along the road and the car came up behind them. When it was nearly up to them a man stepped off the footpath, not seeing the car. The car tried to steer between him and the babies in the pram. The mud guard on the car caught the handle of the pram and sent it flying. The baby landed fair on it’s head in the gutter just where I was standing. I picked the poor thing up. It started crying good oh. So I knew it was alive and kicking; and hopped in the car and went to the Doctors a little further down the street. No bones were broken but the Doctor was afraid it’s head was injured so they took it to the hospital in the camp for a proper examination. I have not heard since how it got on. It was only a few months old. They got the number of the car and all particulars, and I am afraid they will have to pay pretty heavy as they  were exceeding the speed limit. A lady was driving the car. Well I think that is the extent of my news for this week. So will have to close with love

From Leonard.


P.S Tell father to send me Uncle Henery’s address in America.

(words that I am unsure of are typed in bold. Please proof read letter with typed version).  "

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