Goodacre L letter home 1916 09 15

September 15 1916, writes to parents from somewhere "at sea".

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Transcribed during a crowd source transcription project in 2015. 



1916 September 15

Somewhere at Sea

September 1916

Dear mother and father,

We have just left our second calling place but I am not allowed to mention the name of the place. It is a lovely town and has the finest town hall south of the line, so I was told. The residential part of the town is very pretty; lovely homes most of them, and every home has a lovely garden. It is by far the prettiest town I have been in. I have bought views of the town and will bring them back with me. If I post them now you won’t get them any sooner, as they will be taken to England and posted after we get there, so I might as well hang on to them and post or bring them back with me. I had a whole day and two evenings ashore it is a great shipping place. We went to the baths and had a good swim the water was very warm. The baths are a big inclosure on the sea front to keep the sharks out which are very thick in these waters.The weather was very hot, I was just about roasted while ashore. I took several photos of the harbour and shipping but forgot to take my camera ashore with me. There is a very fine Zoo, just out of the town, the Y.M.C.A did good work while we were ashore providing meals for us and giving concerts. The hotels were closed to men in uniform while we were there. The three troopships were in together. The Mokoia arrived about four hours after us. We arrived off the town about ten in the evening, but could not enter the town before daylight. In the afternoon the Marama Hospital ship arrived. The one that I just missed. She is on her way back to N.Z. There are over a hundred New Zealanders on board, The rest being Aust..(Australian) I had a ride in a rickshaw, it is great I can tell you. I think I am at the end of my news now, but will write again shortly as we expect to arrive at our next port in a few days… From your loving Leonard. "

(… bold text are words that I am unsure of.. would recommend another proof read.thanks.mihi)" 

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