1916. March 16. Cedrics letter from Rugeley Camp home to mother

1916. March 16. Cedrics letter from Rugeley Camp home to mother.

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1916. March 16. Cedrics letter from Rugeley Camp home to mother

Officer' Mess
1st Res. Inf. Bgde. J.O.C.
Howitzer Lines
Rugeley Camp,

(Stampled telegram - GINGER, RUGELEY CAMP)

Thursday, March 16, 191

My dear Mother.

Just a line tonight, as we pass along in our daily work, to let you know that I am still alive and well, still getting fat, still quite a good boy (as boys go nowadays). Still making excellent progress with our work, and still no nearer active service (apparently) than ever I was. Quite a satisfactory state of affairs you must admit. The last letter that for I have received from you I have already answered I think, last Sunday week March 5th being the date of my last letter I think. Since then nothing of importance has happened to me, and I am progressing slowly but surely and if ever a chance comes for me to serve my country, I can assure you that I will be able to fulfill my part well & truly. For it has been a very excellent training that we have all had up here, and the muddy Howitzer lines in muddy old Rugely Camp. Rugely Rugely we all love it hugely.

If lately I have been attending a bombing course, and I have been learning all about the various types of grenades & bombs now in use in the British armies. Also, have I been learning how to throw them. It's no good an officer trying to teach what he himself cannot do.


Last weekend I was in Manchester as the guest of a brother officer of this J.O.C. A Jimmy Crawford, a very nice laddie of Scottish origin. Has people are exceedingly nice people, and they were very good to me, and I am going again on a very pressing invitation for the weekend March 25 - 26th. That is, in ten days time. On Sunday last I met some other Scotch people now living in Manchester, a family by the name of Meihlejohn; two single girls were there, the younger one of which is engaged to be married to Jimmy, so we had quite a good time and a nice quiet way, and if I go again in 10 days' time, I have not the least doubt that I shall see these two charming young ladies again.

We had a nice concert in No. 3 YMCA but last night for the Officers of the 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigade J.O.C.'s and a good concerts it was too.

One of them, Nancy she called herself in one of her songs, and a specialist in "Rag Time", was most charming, & I think nearly all of us fell in luv with her.

Very sad to be sure, but we enjoyed it OK. We have had several concerts like this since I came here last November, but last night's was the best by far. "Sunshine" he's going to work in a munitions factory. The old & celebrated " West End skating rink" of Glasgow is now an up to date munitions factory, specially fitted up for girls only. "Sunshine" had the chance of acetylene welding or lathe turning, so on my recommendation she has decided to learn the latter. The ladies are doing wonderful work in all the munition centres of this country now. The men are right out of it. Love to yourself & all. Cedric.


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