1916 WWI Letter from Hilda to Cedric.

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Aug. 1. 1916

My dear old Ced

We often think and talk of you now you are somewhere in France and we will all be very glad when the war is over and you will be out of France. Mother got a letter from Annette in which she told of your engagement to each other. I hope you will both have heaps of luck and be long spared to each other. So, she was " the fleck of sunshine". I always thought there was something between you and to the girl on the film.

She is very plucky to go to work as she is doing. Some of our NZ girls could well do with a little really hard work. It is mostly excitement with the most of them.


We are very sheltered here and far away New Zealand.

Mother was very pleased to hear of your engagement, although in a way it makes her sad. For she is giving you up to someone else. We are hoping she will go to England very shortly. She wants a long trip away from the lodge now, for to her it is only a large lonely house of memories. It is very bad without dear old father it has left a the gap behind him and we miss him awfully.Well Ced it for, I will stop now worth fondest love and hoping that you and to Annette will have many long and happy years together.

From your loving sister



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