WWI Letter 1916 March 26 Graham Cedric to sister Hilda

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1st Reg. Inf. Bgde. J.O.C.
Howitzer Lines,

(stamped) Telegrams, Ginger, Rugeley Camp


March 26, 1916

My dear Hilda

Yours of Jan 30th to hand last week. On Wednesday last, 22-3-16 for which, many thanks. I like getting your cheery letters very much, and the snaps were very good and I like having them. The same day I received a letter from Selwyn with a small photo enclosed of himself.

I think he has grown into a fine lad, and I follow his constant successes with much interest. I consider he has a good future in front of them. As you see from the above address, I am still in training in England, and I have no idea when my turn will come to cross the seas to do my share of the work that is still ahead.

But of this I am confident, that, sooner or later, my turn will come, and then things will begin to move with a vengeance.

I am enjoying excellent health now, in fact have been for a long time now, better than I ever had when at sea.


For I thought the photos of yourself and your little daughter are excellent, he must have great pleasure in her company, and as she grows older, you will have still greater pleasure in watching her progress. Gertrude's daughters are a great success, and I am sure she finds great interest in all of the at doings.

My life, since I joined the army, has been one huge holiday, extending now almost into the 12th month. I was commissioned on April 29th of last year, so it is high time I was away & and fighting. I continue to make lots of friends in this country, and has run up against a very decent set of young fellows here in this camp, and there is no doubt that, every day I look upon old England more & more as my home, or, at least I should say, my headquarters. I am glad to hear her Mother & Father higher progressing well: poor old Dad, he has had a hard time & a rather sad end to an active and industrious life. Yes! I have lost a good many of my chums in this awful war, both in this country, & my old school chums an NZ.

Several of my shipmates of "Clan" line time has gone, both army and R.N.R. Officers. The winter here has can have a very trying nature, but the sunshine is now beginning to break forth occasionally which is very gratifying to us all.

Best love Hilda to you, to Bill, Ernestine & there for all at home from your affec. brother Cedric.


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