W.E Sanders writes to A.D. Blair 22 June 1917

Within A.D. Blair's photograph album was an envelop with newspaper clippings and two letters (partial) from Sanders.

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The second letter was written on June 22 , 1917. Sanders has recently heard the Victoria Cross would be awarded him and is describing the other decorations their mutual friends would be given. Sanders would be sunk with the Prize just 21 days after writing this.


Hamilton Club

Milford Haven


Dear Blair

Thanks so much for letter received yesterday.  Myself I am still in the Prize.  Have had several scraps and sail again tomorrow for sea.

On April 30th I was promoted to Lieut Comm and awarded the VC but so far has not been published but that may be at any minute now although as you understand secret.

Since then have had another scrap and got wounded but am now A1. nothing serious.

(mising 2 lines)

...  is now Naval Consul in Boston U.S.A. quite a good job I should imagine.

So far I have never understood why I never received anything when with Westmore but believe it was to keep me in the game in hopes of getting something.

Wilkie finished with the Ledger(Lodger?) this day and he is going in charge of a Q steamer.

Fulton I am pleased to say has been awarded the DSC and he honestly deserves it.

Every man in my ship received a decoration the navigator DSO, both skippers DSC, and all the crew DSM as you can imagine it was some deed.

We are all at the old club and having some as you will see by this in time and all

 (two lines missing)

 ...  in the present must say Adieu trusting you are all well and with all kindest regards to Mrs. Blair and yourself.

Yours sincerely

W.E. Sanders



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