W.E Sanders writes to A.D Blair April 29, 1917

Within A.D. Blair's photograph album was an envelop with newspaper clippings and two letters (partial) from Sanders.

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The first of two letters was written on April 29, 1917 in response to a request from Blair for a photograph. Sanders fatique is plain to hear.



H.M.S Q.21

At Sea


 Dear Blair

                     Many thanks for letter only received a few minutes before proceeding on this cruise so I am answering out here although we still have three weeks to go before returning.  

 As regards that photograph I have not got the films but am sending you what prints I have already in hand.

 The old scow is still in commission and "Westmore" was relieved a few days ago by “Messenger” and has been returned to Devonport much to his satisfaction for the game is getting played out and so are we all too long at sea.

 I have been in command of this wagon since 8 February and when I met "Greensted"  at Portsmouth was doing a 17 day submarine course and almost wish it had been longer for I like Portsmouth very much as a depot.

 (rest of letter missing)


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