Lt. Col Aubrey Balzer (28th Maori Battalion) remembers Italy 1944 Lt Col Aubrey Balzer recalls Italy 1944

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Aubrey Balzer in 2007 His recent trip back to Italy in 2011, "was made in totally different conditions to the one made in 1944… at the completion to the North African one…the division went back to Cairo... next thing we knew we were group marching to Alexandria. The battalion split into three parts…they broke the companies up into platoons.

The Maori battalion were tribal. “A” company was Nga Puhi, or North Auckland. “B” company were Te Arowa or penny divers as we were known (the gum diggers were “A” company). “C” company were cowboys from down the East Coast and “D” company were known as Ngati Walkabout because they came from Auckland right down the West Coast and the South Island…

 …we were shipped over in three very old boats from Alexandria and at the last minute told we were going to Italy…"




This page archived at Perma CC in August of 2016:, though audio file itself not archived. Original held at Tauranga City Libraries.

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