Topic: Aurere and Ngahiraka sail to Rapanui (Waka Tapu)

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 August 14th 2012


 August 15th 2012

 Sept 4th 2012


Waka Tapu: Storms and weather hinder attempts to navigate

Waka Tapu: Crew practise kapa haka in preparation of landfall


Waka Tapu: Recouping on land in Tupuai


Nov 12th 2012


Waka Tapu: Crew will delay landfall until Busby arrives


Nov 29th 2012



 Dec 6th 2012



Rapanui Te Pito O Te Henua



Waka Huia Documentary - L'Ile de Pâques, à la rencontre des Rapa Nui




























































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