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The Mighty Waikato by Colleen Hills is a 2012 Memoir and Local History Competition entry.

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The Mighty Waikato

Colleen Hills



I float like a leaf on the river

Aimlessly drifting along

And I listen to tales that it tells me

That fill my heart like a song

Of the days before they built bridges

Where now four bridges span;

Where before what today we call progress

Long before the coming of man.

Where are the tui and bellbirds,

The kiwi that foraged its banks?

They are gone and instead I see pathways

And houses and buildings in ranks.

Of the days when all of its waters

Were clear crystal and shimmering blue,

When mighty and proud Maori warriors

Paddled to war in their waka canoe.

What has happened to all of its mana,

Its grandeur and great majesty?

Listen and hear what it’s saying:

I’m Waikato and still flowing free.

Flowing past Tirangawaiwai,

The place where the two rivers meet

Like the two races of our New Zealand,

One water, one people - unique.

Now many, many years later



Time has gone and there must be no pity.

We’ve built bridges and beautiful gardens

That bring tourists to visit out city.

So stop for a moment when passing;

Take a break from the stresses of life.

Men take your children, your mothers,

Your brothers, your sisters, your wife.

Sit on the banks of the river

And let it tell tales to you,

For the river is us - it’s Waikato.

Let’s give it the honour it’s due.


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