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Vanessa Mellor's entry in the 2012 Memoir and Local History Competition.

Archived version here.

Our feet burned on the scorching sand as we kicked off our jandals and raced towards the water. The crisp smell of summer engulfed us and made us want to believe that these good times would never end. The cool blue water seemed to soothe away our worries and our fears.

The sun warmed our skin and got so hot it sometimes felt like we might just melt away. The rough sand wedged between our wet toes and itched as we scurried up the dunes to hide under the shade of the umbrella.

Cucumber sandwiches and L&P fizzed in our tummies as we watched the clouds drift over the grand Mauao.

A lone paraglider floated passed the lush green background and when the wind blew we felt for sure he would hit the side of The Mount! But at the last second he pulls away and seems to land effortlessly on the sand amongst the raft of onlookers.

The twang of a volleyball and light-hearted giggles amongst friends drowns out the eternal song of the noisy cicadas.

Back at the car a bottle of sun-warmed water is passed around to wash the final reminder of the beach from our feet.

The sweet smell of waffle cones is too much to resist. The sticky nectar dribbles down our fingers as we race the heat to devour the creamy treat.

When we finally let our heavy eyelids rest, the waves gently rock us to sleep and the soft sound of the ocean is our lullaby.

The beautiful slice of Earth called the Bay of Plenty has once again created a summer that will last an eternity in our hearts.

 Summer, as we saw it by Vanessa Mellor


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Summer, as we saw it by Vanessa Mellor