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The following images relate to Mount Maunganui Primary School for the decade 1943 - 1952

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1942 - Committee asked for a 10 foot wide track to be cut throughthe gorse and scrub on Tawa and Matai streets to improve access for children walking to school.

Roll Growth:

1945:  4 classrooms, 1949: 6 classrooms, 1952: 11 classrooms

1947 - 8 house sections purchased and the school site now bordered Totara,  Puriri,Tawa, and  Matai  streets

1949 - 2 more wooden open air classrooms added.  Shelter shed  also used  as classroom.

1948 - Polio epidemic closed schools during Term  1

1950- Dental  clinic  built — prior to this students went by ferry to Tauranga

1951-  Original  school  and ‘Prefab’  resited to rear of the main  school School  Learners’  pool  built

1952 - New 5 classroom main school  block and  administration area completed— now  9 classrooms,shelter shed, original classroom and ‘prefab’. Swimming Club start Learn to Swim classes  in the school  pool 

Mount Primary whole school 1947


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Annual Picnic 1947



Mount Primary class c 1948


Mount Primary class 1948

Mount Primary class 1948/49

Mount Primary standard 5 & 6 1949

Mount Primary class c late 1940s

Mount Primary class c 1949/50


Mount Primary whole school 1952


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PTA News 1952, 25 June

The  inaugural  meeting of the Mount Maunganui  Parent Teacher Association was held. The  PTA was concerned that there was a need for more grounds for the School.  Approach to Education  Board not ‘fruitful’. Contacted  Mr Banks with the view to renting  land from  him.  Mr Banks promised to hold the land for 6 — 8 months. The council was approached about filling/levelling the ground  in front of the school entrance — letter sent to council  re their prompt action. PTA (through  the School Committee) would  purchase:

Jungle Gym  —   13 pounds

Sewing  Machine -  14 pounds

Cups & Saucers — 5 pounds



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