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History of Mt Maunganui Primary School

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Mount Maunganui Primary School began its journey at its original site between Rata, Tawa and Totara Streets in August of 1913. This school was a little different from the current one, with only one building and about 43 pupils. It was administered by Tauranga District High School Committee until 1917, when a new school district for Mount Maunganui was created.

Over the next few years the school saw considerable growth and a corrugated iron prefab was added to the school in 1925 which by now had 107 pupils.

The school continued to grow between 1925 and 1952 with the addition of more classrooms, a dental clinic and a swimming pool. In 1954 land was purchased in Orkney Road for the new school site, by 1955 Mount Primary had a roll of 500 students.

It wasn’t until 1970 that the school began its big move away from what was a growing commercial area. Term 3 of 1970 saw all students learning in prefab classrooms while contractors readied that school buildings for their move. The pupils moved into the new classrooms in Orkney Road in April 1971.

With the opening of Omanu school in 1955 our school roll dropped to about 414 students. This is the same size as our school currently is now in 2013. The original school building can be seen still at the Tauranga Historic Village on 17th Ave. Whilst our school is very old, we are always implementing and trialling new ideas for enhancing the learning of our students. Our current school has many exciting and vibrant learning spaces, please feel free to come on down and have a look.

Centenary attendee photographs

Centenary celebrations were held in October 2013. 

Click here to download a copy of the magazine produced for the Centenary.

These celebrations followed the Golden Jubliee of 1963, and the 75th Anniversary of 1988.

Click here to see photos relating to the period prior to 1933

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1933 - 1942

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1943 - 1952

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1953 - 1962

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1963 - 1972

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1973 - 1982

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1983 - 1992

Click here to see photos relating to the decade 1993 - 2002

Click here to see photos of the decade following 2003

When I became Principal, I knew I was indeed  lucky. Lucky to  have  become  Principal of this great school  and to  have an opportunity to have such a significant role in  a special celebration such as our schooI’s Centenary.

Throughout the many many hours of planning for this celebration  I  have learnt lots of the historical stories from our school,  changing  in the Iupins and swimming  in the harbour for swimming  lessons,  moving from one site to another,  growing from  less than 50 to school that is now almost 450 children.  Our school  has  had  a varied  and  interesting  past.

Enjoy looking through this  magazine,  the images and the memories held within are to be treasured for years to come. Thanks for celebrating our 100th Birthday with  us.

-       Damien  Harris, Principal


Mount Primary swimming certificate Malcolm Davies 440 yards 1943


You can view more certificates and reports on the Centenary page


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