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Born in Worksop, Came to Wellington NZ in 1928

Children Parents Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Edward Francis Thomas White Hardisty William Richard Forbes Hardisty John Hardisty
Ann Elizabeth
living daughter Mary Forbes
Olive S
living son Sarah White Thomas White
  Fanny Maria Hancock William Hancock John Hancock
  Ann Wale
  Elizabeth Halley

Thomas Halley



Maria Silvester


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Annie Hardisty [1899-1985]

First Names:Annie
Last Name:Hardisty
Date of Birth:5 April 1899
Country of birth:England
Date of death:7 June 1985
Place of death:Tauranga
Place of burial:Eskdale Cemetery, HB
Family Surname:Hardisty
Date of Arrival:1928
Other places of settlement:Napier
Port of arrival:Wellington
Sailed from:Southhampton
Spouses name:William Edward Saunders
Spouses date of birth:13 October 1883
Spouses place of birth:Napier
Spouses date of death:24 March 1960
Spouses place of death:Napier
Spouses place of burial:Eskdale Cemetery, HB
Spouses nationality:NZ'er
Date of marriage:5 July 1933
Place of marriage:Trinity Methodist, Napier
Fathers name:Thomas White Hardisty
Mothers name:Fanny Maria Hancock
Name of sibilings:Marjorie White, Mary Cecilia, Frank White, Thomas White , Robert N , Edith White, Sydney White, and Hubert White
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