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Born St Helens Auckland  in 1907  Moved with family to Kakahi in Dec 1908 then Morrinsville
 Returned to Bristol on Morayshire age 3 leaving Auckland NZ 20 January 1910.
Baptism St Andrews Clifton Bristol 6 October 1911
Returned to NZ on Crointhic arrived Auckland 1 December 1911.
Went to school  in Morrinsville , then moved to Eureka , Hamiton East ,Tauranga-o-mona and back to Morrinsville  
Worked in Bookshop in Morrinsville before her marriage . Lived at Waitoa when frist married but spent the weekdays away with  husband Sydney as the cook for the roading gangs that he supervied
 Sharemilked for Bayliss's on No3 Road in Te Puke then purchased own farm at  Station Road Pongakawa, Te Puke .Moved to Tauranga in 1960 and lived there until her death in 2006 age 99

   Daisy Helen Hewlettnana cropped  picture

 Children Parents  Grandparents
Great Grandparents

Herbert George Hewlett 

John Hewlett Henry Hewlett
Neil John
living Ann Raines 
living Lousia Wyatt William Wyatt
Nancie Joyce
living Ann Nurse
  Annie Beatrice Silcox Alfred Self Silcox   Henry Silcox
  Elizabeth Self 
  Elizabeth Jefferies George Jefferies
  Mary Moreman 


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Daisy Helen Hewlett (1907-2006)

First Names:Daisy Helen
Last Name:Hastie (nee Hewlett)
Date of Birth:02/04/1907
Place of Birth:Auckland, New Zealand
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:13/05/2006
Place of death:Tauranga
Place of burial:Morrinsville, New Zealand
Family Surname:Hewlett
Place of settlement in Bay of Plenty:Te Puke
Other places of settlement:Tauranga
Spouses name:Sydney James Hastie
Spouses date of birth:14/06/1908
Spouses place of birth:Hawera NZ
Spouses date of death:23/0/1996
Spouses place of death:Te Puke
Spouses place of burial:Te Puke
Date of marriage:23/12/1930
Place of marriage:Morrinsville, New Zealand
Fathers name:Herbert George Hewlett
Fathers nationality:English
Mothers name:Annie Beatrice Silcox
Name of sibilings:Neil John and Nancie Joyce