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Annie Beatrice Silcox born 1877 Clifton Bristol Married Herbert George Hewlett Lived Morrinsville New Zealand died 1966 in New Zealand

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  Annie was born at home, 3 Rownham Place Clifton Bristol on the 5th July 1877 the 4th child of Elizabeth (nee Jefferies ) and Alfred Silcox .Her Dad Alfred is listed as a Bargeman on her birth certificate .
Note her name on her birth certificate is given as Beatrice Annie but her baptism is recorded as Annie Beatrice and she was always called Annie) her baptism was at St Andrew's Church Clifton on the 7th September 1877 by Rev E Clarke
 She  Worked in W H Wills Tobacco Factory Bristol before marriage
Came to New Zealand in 1906  on the Turakina arriving in Wellington ,settling in the Makatote Construction camp  when they first arrived .No accommodation was available so the two children slept on the carpenters bench and Anne and Herbert in the deck chairs they brought with them from Bristol .They then purchased a tent and lived in it
As it was winter when they arrived,  Snow and frost were on the ground .With no power or running water .Food was either canned or preserved [salted down )and sometimes an animal or bird  that was caught in the nearby bush .Fresh food was brought in by horse back twice a year .
Only three woman were living in the camp while the family were there .
Annie did the  catering for official opening of the main trunk line 6th November 1908
Annie Returned to Bristol with her four young children on the Morayshire  leaving Auckland 20 January 1910. Returned to  Auckland New Zealand on the Crointhic on the 1 December 1911 .Also on the boat were her two single sisters Francis Emily Silcox and Amelia Silcox
Annie had seven children.  Beatrice born 1903 and Herbert (Bill)born 1904 both born in Clifton Bristol .In New Zealand she had Daisy born 1907 at St Helen's Auckland ,Olive born 1909 in Kakahi, and the last three all born in Morrinsville Alice 1913,Jack 1916 and Claude born 1921 .
When Jack was born in 1916 the family where living at Eureka ,she went into labour and with no transport into Morrivsville ,Herbert and Mr  Maber pulled a jigger all the way in. They also brought up their grandson Alfred Stevenson from the age of 2 after the deaths of both his parents.       Hewletts 60th Wedding Ann                                                                                                                                  Herbert & Anne on their 60th wedding anniversary

    On the 21st July 1920 Annie and Herbert purchased a section in Lorne St Morrinsville and with a State Advances loan built their first Home .It was a three bedrooms Rimu home with  Kitchen,. large lounge, (which was kept for visitors only ) bathroom. and  hallway .Across the back was a large veranda with wooden Kauri steps to the ground .These steps wore away with so much scrubbing   The kitchen  and dining were in the one room  Annie had   Shacklock coal range which I can still see her spitting on it  to see if   if the temperature was right for cooking. She would also wave her had around in the oven checking the temperature before baking .They had running cold water and had power. The lights hung down on long cords from the ceiling . .There was no refrigeration so things were kept cool in a safe in the tree.  They had  a single garage out the front and out the back of the section Herbert and son Jack built a large shed with Laundry which had a copper ,two Kauri tubs and Scrubbing boards (they did not have a wringer then)An outside toilet which the night soil man empted three times a week .and a coal storage shed
The house had wooden sash push out windows with stays. The wooden floors were covered with carpet squares which were taken outside weekly to be beaten on the long clothes line ,which was held up with two wooden props .
The milkman called ever night so they would leave  a billy out and he would use his dipper to full the billy .
Bread could also  be delivered or brought in town at the bakery .The butcher was also in town where you chose you meat from the carcasses hanging in his butchery ,
They family had a large vegetable garden and planted lots of fruit trees as well .Annie was proud of all the preserving and bottling she did .In 1942 they sold the Lorne St home and moved to Paeroa for a few months ,but returned to Morinsville and purchased a home in Anzac Ave where they lived for many more years . Annie died 27th September 1966 and is Buried in the Morrinsville Cemetery


Children Parents Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Beatrice Elizabeth Mary  Alfred Self Silcox Henry Silcox   William Silcock 
Herbert George Alfred ( Bill)
Daisy Helen  
Olive Lousia
Alice Emily Elizabeth Self   John Self  
Jack Willie
Claudie Jefferice Mary Hillier  
  Elizabeth Jefferies George Jefferies   Thomas Jefferies  
  Betty Rogers  
  Mary Moreman   John Moreman  


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Annie Beatrice Silcox

First Names:Anne Beatrice
Last Name:Silcox
Date of Birth:05/05/1877
Place of Birth:Clifton, Bristol, England
Country of birth:England
Date of death:27/09/1966
Place of death:Te Awamutu, NZ
Place of burial:Morrinsville, New Zealand
Family Surname:Silcox
First settled:Makatote Construction Camp NZ
Date of Arrival:5/06/1906
Name of the ship:Turikina
Date of sailing:24/04/1906
Other places of settlement:Auckland ,Kakahi, Hamilton
Later places of settlement:Morrinsville NZ
Port of arrival:Wellington NZ
Sailed from:Pylmouth England
Spouses name:Herbert George Hewlett
Spouses place of birth:Clifton, Bristol, England
Spouses date of death:27/07/1977
Spouses place of death:Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
Spouses place of burial:Morrinsvile,NZ
Date of marriage:24/11/1901
Place of marriage:St Francis Church, Bristol
Fathers name:Alfred Silcox
Mothers name:Elizabeth Jefferies
Name of the children:Claudie Jefferice, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, Herbert George Alfred ( Bill), Daisy Helen, Olive Lousia, and Jack Willie