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Herbert George Hewlett born 1878 Bristol Died 1966 Mount Maunganui New Zealand . Served Boer War Settled Morrinsville New Zealand

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Herbert George Hewlett Navy days

   Beatrice Annie Silcox Hewlett's wedding 1901










Herbert George Hewlett                       Annie   Beatrice (nee Silcox)     Herbert & Beatrice on their Wedding day

Herbert was born in Clifton Bristol on the 5th September 1878 the 5th child of John and Louisa Hewlett and was baptised at St Andrew's Church , Clifton Bristol on the 27 September by Rev E H Nash
    He left school at age twelve to  work in Ship Building yards in Bristol.
Joined British  Royal Navy in September 1898 .Starting on the Vivid 2 a land based training camp ,then joined the ship COLOSSUS, on the 7th Sept 1900 .His  trade was a boilermaker ,Stoker Obtaining  is Boilers makers ticket ,and fought in the Boer War ,off the coast of Africa and was Discharged wounded from navy .
He married Annie Beatrice Silcox on the 24November 1901 at St Francis Church Aston Gate ,Bedminster, Bristol by Rev Walter Fisher
Herbert ,Annie and their two children sailed for New Zealand ,on the Turakina,sailing from Plymouth on the 21st April 1906 and arriving in Wellington on the 5th June 1906
On the Voyage they experienced moderate to strong N E winds, high seas until arrival at Tenerife on the 26th April 1906. The voyage was continued the same day  ,with moderate to light N E winds and SE trades prevailing as far as 23 degrees south ,then light winds to Table Bay,which was made on the 11th May .A start was made to Hobart the same day ,and during the run across the Southern ocean moderate seas were experienced until 120deg E when strong N W winds and High seas were met,  and continued with the vessel arriving in Hobart on the 29th May ,Moderate weather prevailed during the run from Hobart to Wellington . 

When they arrived in Wellington they moved North  and  first worked on the construction of the Makatote Vaiduct. on the NZ railways main Trunk Line . The family lived at the construction camp  living  in a tent. When the job was finished they went to Auckland for a short time and worked at Pascoe's Quarries in Newmarket  .Worked next for NZ Railways in Kakahi, Where as part of his work was the maintenance of the Raurimu Spiral   Next moved to Morrinsville .Eureka ,Hamilton  and back to Morrinsville. Herbert was  listed as  a second division Class maintenance No 1267 and his  wages were 8 shilling per diem ,in 1909.By 1912 he was now paid nine shilling per diem
while working for the railways  Then went  Share milking at Tauranga-o-Mona..Then had a contract at  the Waitoa Dairy factory  to  maintain the boilers and  unload the coal wagons. This he did with two horses to pull the wagon .and used a square mouth shovel for unloading  . He was paid 9 pence a ton to unload the slack coal .He then purchased a model T Ford and the truck and carrying business from a Mr G Griffiths The  depot for his trucks was  in Studhome St Morrinsville .They mainly carted wood and coal but did also have a cream run .He Purchased a property in the Mangawhara Valley where he cut Ti Tree for firewood .Herbert brought bigger trucks  (four )to carry metal for the contract he had to supply metal, sand and cement for the construction of the bridges on the Kaimai Road  and for the cream run. Petrol only cost ten pence a gallon then. When he took a load from Morrinsville to Gisborne the cost was charged out to the customers for ten pound a load 
This business was carried on by his son Herbert (Bill) and then his grandsons,  with the depot being in Lear St.Morrinsville .
Herbert moved to live with is daughter Daisy Hastie in Tauranga after is wife died ,.Herbert died in  Mount Maunganui in 1966  


Children Parents  Grandparents
Great Grandparents
 Beatrice Elizabeth Mary  John Hewlett Henry Hewlett  James Hewlett 
Herbert George Alfred ( Bill)
Daisy Helen  
Olive Lousia
 Alice Emily Ann Raines   William Raines  
Jack Willie
Claudie Jefferice Mary 
  Lousia Wyatt William Wyatt  John Wyatt 
  Elizabeth Harver  
  Ann Nurse Thomas Nurse  
  Martha Sampson 


        This records spouse:      Annie Beatrice Silcox                                         



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Herbert George Hewlett

First Names:Herbert George
Last Name:Hewlett
Date of Birth:05/09/1878
Place of Birth:Clifton, Bristol, England
Country of birth:England
Date of death:27/07/1977
Place of death:Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
Place of burial:Morrinsville, New Zealand
Family Surname:Hewlett
Occupation:NZ Railways .Own Carrying Business Morrinsville
First settled:Makatote Construction Camp NZ
Date of Arrival:Wellington
Name of the ship:Turikina
Date of sailing:21/041906
Other places of settlement:Auckland ,Kakahi.Hamilton
Later places of settlement:Morrinsville
Port of arrival:5/06/1906
Sailed from:Pylmouth England
Spouses name:Annie Beatrice Silcox
Spouses date of birth:5 july 1877
Spouses place of birth:Clifton, Bristol, England
Spouses date of death:29/09/1966
Spouses place of death:Te Awamutu,NZ
Spouses place of burial:Morrinsvile,NZ
Date of marriage:24/11/1901
Place of marriage:St Francis Church, Bristol
Fathers name:John Hewlett
Mothers name:Louisa Wyatt
Military Service:Boer War British Navy