Removing cassette static with Audacity

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This tutorial assumes you have already captured your cassette sound within Audacity.In brief this means you have already taken the following steps.

  1. Set up a good quality cassete player next to your computer.
  2. Run a cable from the headphone out port of the cassette player,  into your computer's microhone in port.
  3. Started Audacity and made sure audacity is using the microphone in port to record audio.
  4. Pressed play on the cassete player and record within audacity to capture the audio (note you should have experimented with the volume of the casette player to make sure it's not too quiet or too loud for Audacity to capture).
  5. Within audacity pressed stop record once the sound is captured.

To listen to this podcast click the mp3 audio button above. The screen capture below illustrates some of what is talked about within this podcast.






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