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These photographs of Grace Andrews were taken in 1900 by Emily Surtees. Grace's parents arrived in New Zealand on board the 'Carisbrooke Castle' on 8 September 1875, the year prior to her birth. Story by Debbie McCauley.

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Grace Fletcher Andrews was born in Tauranga on 6 March 1876 (reg. 1876/6824). Her parents were William and Mary  Andrews (nee Gilmer) who married in Ballymena, Co Antrim, Ireland on 28 May1863.

On 20 February 1891 the Bay of Plenty Times reported Grace's win in a Society of Arts competition:

Grace Andrews of No.3 school, Katikati, has secured first prize in the Society of Arts freehold competition in schools. There were almost 1000 entrants in the Auckland province competition. 

Grace Andrew, 1900

Grace Andrews (1900).

On 22 August 1906, Grace married Frederick Arthur Norris in Waihi (reg. 1906/3963). Frederick had worked as a seaman and a saddler. He was the son of Captain Norris of Gate Pa. Their children were: 

  1. Mary Norris (1909-?). Mary was born in 1909 (reg. 1909/10371). Mary married Fred Ingram and had two children (Carol & Joyce).  
  2. Freda Norris (1914-2003). Freda was born on 15 October 1914 (reg. 1914/25103). She married Mr Henshaw and had three children (Graham, Glennis and Dell). Freda died, aged 88, in 2003 (reg. 2003/16407).

Grace and Douglas Andrews, 1900

Grace with her brother Douglas (1900).

Grace died, aged 42, in 1918 (reg. 1918/1030).

Her children, Mary and Freda, were raised by Grace's brother George and his wife May Andrews (nee Chalmers) who had married in 1902.

Frederick remarried on 28 February 1920 to Jessie May Samways (reg. 1920/2156). They had a child, Leah Jewel Norris, born on 19 May 1920. The couple appear to have separated.

Frederick committed suicide at Waihi on 22 February 1922 (reg. 1922/831). The details were reported in the New Zealand Herald on 25 February 1922:

MAN'S HEAD BLOWN OFF. SUICIDE AT WAIHI. A GRUESOME DISCOVERY. [BY TELEGRAPH - OWN CORRESPONDENT] WAIHI. Friday. A gruesome discovery was made about 9.30 this morning by Allen Walker, telegraph messenger, when taking a telegram to the place of residence of Frederick Norris, of Smith Street, who was living in a tent. The messenger, failing to gain admission owing to the wooden door to the tent being locked, went to a shed at the lower end of the section, and there saw lying on the floor the headless body of Norris. The police were notified, and an examination showed that the head of the deceased had been completely blown off. On forcing an entrance to the tent Senior-Sergeant O'Grady and Constable Keenan found a note addressed, “Sergeant of Police” and two sealed and stamped letters, one addressed to the wife of the deceased and the other to a relative in Auckland. The contents of the note announced the intention of the deceased to end his life by the use of gelignite, owing to domestic troubles. Accompanying this was a request that the sergeant should post the two letters, which he would find on the table. The deceased was about 55 years of age and had recently been separated from his wife. He leaves two children by his first wife and a very young child by his second wife. Since the breaking up of his home the deceased had let his residence to Mr. Lawrence, and he himself had been living in a tent on the same section. Norris was last seen alive on Wednesday night, when he attended a picture show. Later on the same evening Mr. Lawrence heard a loud report, which evidently had come from the shed at the bottom of the section a chain or two away from the house. He took no particular notice of it, however. It seems probable that the deceased placed a plug, or portion of a plug, of gelignite in his mouth. 

Frederick was buried in Waihi Public Cemetery on 25 February 1922.


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Grace Fletcher Norris (nee Andrews) (1876-1918)

First Names:Grace Fletcher
Last Name:Andrews
Date of Birth:6 March 1876
Place of Birth:Tauranga
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:1918
Place of death:Avondale, Auckland
Place of burial:Waikaraka Cemetery
Spouses name:Frederick Arthur Norris
Spouses date of birth:c1867
Spouses date of death:22 February 1922
Spouses place of death:Waihi, New Zealand
Spouses place of burial:Waihi Cemetery, New Zealand
Date of marriage:1906
Place of marriage:New Zealand
Fathers name:William Andrews
Fathers date of birth:1839
Fathers place of birth:Ballymena, Co Antrim, Ireland
Fathers date of death:1 May 1914
Fathers place of death:Katikati, New Zealand
Mothers name:Mary Gilmer
Mothers date of birth:1839
Mothers place of birth:Ballymena, Co Antrim, Ireland
Mothers date of death:31 May 1914
Mothers place of death:Katikati, New Zealand
Name of sibilings:George Andrews (1871-1953), Henry Andrews (1873-1873), David Andrews (1874-1946), Douglas Grant Andrews (1878-1952), Anne Gilmer Andrews (1864-1918), William James Andrews (1865-1956), Robert John Andrews (1867-1942), Archibald Andrews (1868-1872), and Samuel Andrews (1869-1874)
Name of the children:Mary Norris and Freda Norris
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