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This photograph of Tutaetaka Island was taken by Emily Surtees in 1899. The island is located inside Tauranga harbour and is used by Māori from Katikati's Te Rereatukahia Marae as an urupa (burial ground). Story by Debbie McCauley.

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Tutaetaka Island is situated in the Tauranga harbour and is a small island of three acres. It sits just off Te Rereatukahia Marae at the end of Tetley's Road in Katikati.

The island served as the burial ground for local Māori for many years. When there was a funeral the casket was loaded onto the back of a truck and driven down Beach Road and through Leech's farm. From there, depending on the tides, the casket was walked across to the island for burial.

Tutitaka Island, Maori Burial Ground, 1899

Those at the marae have a saying:

Ko Te Rereatukahia te Marae (Te Rereatukahia is the Marae), Ko Tamawhariua te Wharenui (Tamawhariua is the Meeting House), Ko Whakahinga te Wharekai (Whakahinga is the Dining Hall), Ko Tutaetaka te Urupa (Tutaetaka is the Cemetery)...

This photograph of a beached whale on Tutaetaka Island was taken around the 1940s or early 1950s. Matakana Island can be seen in the background:

Beached whale, Tutaetake Island, Katikati, New Zealand (c1950)


Ellen McCormack (personal correspondance, 17 November 2012).

Te Rereatukahia Marae.


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Tutaetaka Island, Katikati, New Zealand

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