Topic: Katikati No. 2 School: Beach Road (c1909)

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This photograph is of the Katikati No. 2 School: Beach Road, Katikati, taken c1909. Courtesy of the Macmillan family.

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Katikati No 2 School, Beach Rd, c1909

Back Row: Miss L Wilson; James Passfield; Gladys Hunter; Irene Dunne; Hilda Shiress; Ethel Ward; Agnes Norris; Anna Diggelmann; ?; J Reynolds; Violet Henry; Marie Shiress; Georgie Stewart; Mr. Boswell.

Middle Row: Jock Young, Vera Macmillan, Mary Klaus; ?; Alice Passfield; Maude Lindemann; Jessie Passfield; Muriel Mountier; Hilda Ward; ?; Mary Dunne; Madge/Iris Smith; ?; ?; ?.

Front Row: ?; Herb Smith; Bruno Diggelmann; ?; Albert Boyd; Herman Diggelmann;  John Norris; Joseph Boyd; Otto Diggelmann; Don Macmillan; Colin Macmillan; Harold Ward; Willie Boyd.

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Katikati No. 2 School: Beach Road (c1909)