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Arthur James Gray is the author of 'An Ulster Plantation', first published in 1938.

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'An Ulster Plantation' by Arthur J Gray is the story of the Katikati Settlement founded by George Vesey Stewart in 1875. First published in 1938, the book has undergone several reprints, the latest being available from the Athenree Homestead Trust.

Arthur James Gray was born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1901. His parents were Eliza (nee Earl) and James Andrew Gray.

In his book he writes of Katikati founder George Vesey Stewart;

He did not long survive his retirement. During the winter of 1919 he suffered a severe attack of bronchitis. The spring brought little improvement, and in January 1920 he ws advised to seek the restoration of his health at Rotorua. An unexpected coincidence made me the companion of his last journey. I well remember the service car driving into Martray, and the old man being assisted to his seat beside the driver. He sat in silence through the hourney; but when the car paused for a moment above the Tuaprio he turned for a moment and gazed for the last time upon the scene he loved so well (p. 125).

This photograph of Arthur was taken in 1966:

Arthur James Gray in 1966

Arthur James Gray in 1966. Photo: Noel Mitchel.

Arthur died in 1974.


The Earls of New Zealand by Ross Murphy (Ist ed. 1981, 2nd ed. 1982).

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Arthur James Gray (1901-1974)

First Names:Arthur James
Last Name:Gray
Date of Birth:1901
Place of Birth:Auckland
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:1974
Family Surname:Gray
Place of settlement in Bay of Plenty:Katikati
Spouses name:Martha Stuart
Place of marriage:Nelson
Fathers name:James Andrew Gray
Fathers date of birth:19 June 1877
Fathers date of death:23 October 1965
Mothers name:Eliza Earl
Mothers date of birth:3 March 1880
Mothers place of birth:Gate Pa, Tauranga
Mothers date of death:2 December 1957

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