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The following obituary appeared in the 'Korero of Katikati' in July 1971.

Hubert James Cooper

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It is with great sadness that we note the passing of our Mr H. J. Cooper who has done so very much for the community since he arrived here as headmaster in 1919 with his wife and children.

He was an excellent teacher commanding respect from all the pupils, and after leaving the school he still took an active interest by being a school committee member.

For nearly 30 years he farmed the land which is now subdivided on the outskirts of the shopping area, and after the war built a new home on the opposite side of the main road.

Mr Cooper devoted much of his time to helping organisations and played a large part in getting Katikati its first ambulance, and later the newer one. (How proud he would have been to attend the dedication ceremony next Sunday).

As a Katikati Domain committee member he derived much enjoyment from seeing the progress made through the years, particularly at Bowentown. He took a great pride in the number of visitors which flocked to the beaches earch summer, and kept himself up to date with the number of campers who stayed there during the holidays.

For over 50 years Mr Cooper has been a leading member of the Presbyterian Church, and has been an elder, lay reader, session clerk and member of the management committee.

Korero has always appreciated Mr Cooper's sense of humour as well as his strong sense of civic duty, doing his utmost to add to the progress of Katikati.

Only a short while ago the Coopers lost their only son Ivan in a boating accident in Christchurch, and Ivan too shared his father's interest in helping others. (As a war amputee he made helping other amputees his life's work and rose to a very prominent position).

To Mrs Cooper and her daughters Alma, Gretta, Joyce and Kath (May) Korero offers sympathy from all the readers who have appreciated just what this great man has done for the district.

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Obituary for Hubert James Cooper

First Names:Hubert James
Last Name:Cooper
Date of Birth:1892