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The seventieth anniversary of Katikati District High School, including Numbers 1, 2 and 3 schools, was celebrated with a reunion on 15 May 1948. The schools amalgamated in 1931.

Katikati District High School Reunion, May 1948

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Around 250 former students from all around New Zealand attended the celebrations. The chairman of the reunion committee was Mr Hubert James Cooper who was head teacher at the school from 1919-1929.

After a tour of the school grounds, visitors were taken on a scenic drive throughout the Katikati district with a banquet held in the Public Hall that evening. Mr E. Boyd proposed a toast to the foundation pupils and the generations of pupils that came afterwards who achieved; people like ‘George McCauley, champion axeman of the world, Dave Gallaher, 1905 All Black Captain, Scotty McClymont, N.Z. Rugby League representative, Chas. Macmillan M.P., who held the portfolio of Minister of Lands, and Arthur Gray who wrote An Ulster Plantation’.  Mr Hubert James Cooper also spoke of his intention to present a roll of honour to the school to mark those former pupils who had paid the supreme sacrifice.

Past pupil Alan Mulgan penned some recollections for the Bay of Plenty Times just prior to the reunion in which he remembers ‘hat-ink wells or ink bottles with sliding tops’ and the little steamer ‘Result’ that ran from Uretara to Tauranga. About his family he says; “we didn’t have much in those days, and in this respect we were like many other Katikati people’. Reflecting on Katikati he said; “Looking back, I wonder how the community lived as well as it did. In 1890, remember, the depression hadn’t run its course, which was far longer than that of the later depression’. He also says ‘those were the good days. We enjoyed our simple life. There was a lot of kindness in the community. To me, Katikati has always been a place apart’.

Researched by Ellen McCormack.

Written by Debbie McCauley (August, 2012).



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Katikati District High School Reunion (1948)