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Hazel Emily McCauley: Letters to Margaret Isabella Ladner (nee McCauley) and Harry Ladner after the death of her Mother, Sarah Ann McCauley, in Tauranga Hospital on 20 August 1925.

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These letters are reproduced with the permission of Hazel's son, Bob Anderson.

Further information can be accessed via his website here.

Letter 1

My Dear Auntie and Uncle,
I just received your ever loving letter this afternoon. It was quite a relief to get it. It is sweet of you to offer to have us. John has written too but it was mother’s wish that we should remain home together for the present. We have a friend with us till Christmas time and we shall be glad to go to you some time. Of course we would like to go to you but we are all Dad has now and we must stay to comfort and look after him for the present. I am going to get school work from Waihi and do it at home because Madge is coming back and we will have two teachers who will help us here. I don’t think I would work in Waihi as I would be always wondering how they were getting on at home and I think if I was home I could do my work well. Mum died at six o’clock last Thursday and Auntie Eva will explain what was the matter with her. She was buried at eleven o’clock last Saturday in Tauranga as she didn’t want to be buried in Kati Kati. It was an awful shock to us all of course as we did not expect such a happening and she passed away quite peacefully. She never looked as beautiful as she did last Wednesday night when I saw her for the last time. I thought there was something going to happen from the Monday but none of the others seemed to realize. It is such a blessing that baby and Rae are too young to realize isn’t it? Of course it is very sad to have to part with mother when I was just getting old enough to have her as a companion but I am doing my best to be brave for the sake of my two young darlings. You needn’t be afraid of me turning out wicked dear auntie as my mother’s long teachings will stick fast to my memory. I will do my very best for Daddy and the three children and will bring them up well as mother would have liked them brought up. Poor wee Rae tells them all that she is going to meet mother in heaven some day and they are all bearing up well. Bubbie is splendid- has never mentioned mother’s name and all our friends are so good to us. How suddenly things do happen don’t they. I didn’t dream of losing my mother to whom I shared all my interests. I suppose it was God’s will and I will just have to bear it won’t I dear Auntie. Thank you for offering us anything we need but I don’t really think we need anything just at present. Auntie, Auntie Lizzie and Eva ask to be remembered to you.

Well dear Auntie, I must now come to a close and I trust that you understand about mother’s wish and especially hoping that you believe me to (be) still your own true niece and don’t think that I will wander away from being truthful, honest and loving to all. Dad is taking us away to you for some of Christmas holidays I think. Au revoir for present.
Ever remaining
Your loving niece,
Write again soon please Auntie

Letter 2

Kati Kati
2nd Sept 1925

My Dear Auntie Maggie and Uncle,
I received your most welcome and loving letter on Monday and I was so delighted to hear from you.

We are getting more settled now and Dad has started work. Madge is back and the kiddies are all at school so it is quite lonely without them.

I miss mother very much during the day when there is nothing to do but I’ll really have to bear it all I know. I wouldn’t mind if I could grow up like dear mother but it can be done by trying only. One thing as you say mother will be in a land far away where there is no pain or worries and wouldn’t she be delighted to meet her mother’s and all her friends.

Although she is far away, as I am working about in the day-time I can always feel her near to me and I am sure she watches us all the time so that is a comfort.

Well dear auntie I have written six letters this morning and I think I had better close with fondest love
Your ever loving niece, Hazel

P. S. Thank uncle for the nice letter and tell him that I would be pleased if he would send it care of Uncle Jack.

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Hazel Emily McCauley's letters to Margaret Isabella Ladner (nee McCauley) and Harry Ladner in 1925

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