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Katikati events in 1884. Compiled by Katikati Historian Ellen McCormack (2017). During 1884 Te Kooti with a body guard of 200 armed men visited the area.

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26 January 1884 An Ulster Plantation.

The  Opening of the Cheese and Bacon Factory.

The factory was built on the main road near the Waitekohe, at the corner of the lane leading to Noble Johnston’s farm. [Sharp’s Road corner]

The machinery was set in motion at 3p.m.and in the evening the great event was celebrated with a large and hilarious dinner at the Junction Hotel. [Corner Sapphire Springs Road.

The directors were Messrs. John Killen [Chairman] George McClure, George Hunter, W. J. Gray, W. H. Mandeno, K. Morton, Cecil Gledstanes, and Captain Turner of Tauranga.

The first Manager was Stephen Goss who at the end of the year gave way to Edward Earl.



Te Kooti with a body guard of 200 armed men visited the area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


11 May 1884

 The Rev Thomas Farley conducted the first service at the opening of St Peter’s Anglican Church.


5 June 1884 B.O.P. Times.

We are glad to notice the arrival of a representative of the N.Z. Tobacco growing and Manufacturing Co Ltd, to confer with the farmers and settlers of the district of this all important industry.

Mr. Masfen has brought with him a supply of pure seed, which he can furnish to intending growers. We hope the interest in this industry will be kept alive, and those settlers who have hitherto’ had some experience in the cultivation of the leaf will support the efforts of the Tobacco-growing   Company in their endeavours to spread the more perfect knowledge necessary for the development of this branch of farming throughout the Colony. No climate is better adapted for its pursuit than our own.


19 August 1884 B.O.P. Times.

The cutter Rose, Capt. O’Moore, on her way from Katikati on Friday last with a full cargo of gum, valued at 200 pound, was compelled, through stress of weather, to anchor under shelter ofMotuhoaIsland, mid-way to Mr. Potier’s settlement. The wind during the night was terrific, and, veering suddenly, struck the vessel, laying her on her beam ends. The cutter was swamped, and finally went down. The crew scrambled on to the keel of the boat, where they remained for some hours, when Mr. Borell’s son saw them, and, having obtained assistance, went to the rescue. But for this timely aid, neither Mr. O’Moore nor his companion, John Allan would have managed to escape. They were for upwards of eight hours in their perilous position. The gum may be recovered; it was a consignment forwarded to L. D .Nathan by Mr. Ckarke of Katikati.


18 September 1884 B.O.P. Times.

Some good looking dairy cattle arrived from Auckland per s.s.Wellingtonon Tuesday, to the order of Mr. H. S. Brabant, Otomoetai,  [Otumoetai] and Mervin E. [Mervyn A.]  Stewart.Esq., Katikati.


23 September 1884 B.O.P. Times.

There is a good show of growth in grass here already, and fair promise of fruit on trees of the peach tribe. Lambs, calves, and stock generally are healthy, but the butchers are looking out for fat beef.  Some men are going to Waihi for work, the last crushing, it is said, being at the rate of 1oz to the ton.


7 October 1884 B.O.P. Times.

We are sorry to inform our Katikati readers that as Mr. Robertson, coach proprietor, refuses to take paper; for the future we shall be under the necessity of posting them at Tauranga, instead of Katikati as hereto-for, which will cause a delay of two days.


23 Octiber 1884 B.O.P. Times.

A keen contest is expected next month for the second seat for the Katikati Riding in the County Council. “Some favour an adherent of your Mayor [says our correspondent] who will then try and secure three votes in the Council”


30 Octiber 1884 B.O.P. Times.

It speaks well for the public spirit of our settlers that already several large orders have been given to the Chemical Manure Company for artificial manures to be laid out on the district.


20 November 1884 B.O.P. Times.

It is sincerely to be hoped that a portion of the 1500 pound lately granted will be promptly spent on our roads during the fine weather.

May I ask if there is any fund obtainable for improving the navigation of theUretaraRiver, as since the ever memorable flood of November last, the amount of stuff then carried down has settled in the bend of the river, impeding the passage of the steamer.

If any funds are available for this purpose there is no doubt the Northern Steamship Company would contribute something to it in which they would also be assisted by the settlers.


20 November 1884 B.O.P. Times.

Now the mail coach runs through the whole way to theThames, would it not be possible for arrangements to be made for us to have our Weekly News sent by that route instead of via Tauranga, by which means we should receive our papers on the Mondays instead of Thursdays.

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