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Bob Scott donated a chapter on the life of Albert George Squinobal to Tauranga City Libraries in 2015.

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Albert George Squinobal (1890-1916)

First Names:Albert George (George)
Last Name:Squinobal
Date of Birth:23 March 1890
Date of death:21 September 1916
Place of death:Somme, France
Fathers name:Joseph Squinobal
Fathers place of birth:Italy
Fathers date of death:January 10 1903
Fathers place of death:Hamilton
Mothers name:Eliza Earl (maiden name), Eliza Squinobal, and Eliza Tilsley
Mothers date of birth:January 24 1868
Mothers place of birth:Gate Pa, Greerton
Mothers date of death:January 27 1900
Name of sibilings:William Osborne Tilsley (though birth cert has Squinobal as divorce had not come through yet) and Violet Tilsley (officially Squinobal, who lived just 12 hours)
Military Service:WWI Private and Canterbury Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion