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Katikati events in 1879. Compiled by Katikati Historian Ellen McCormack (2013).

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January 1879. G.V.S. Purchased the B.O.P.Times.


30 January 1879.B.O.P.Times.

The bridge across the Te Mania River at Katikati, is now nearly completed, and tenders are invited for the erection of another over the Rereatukahia.


16 February 1879. My Simple Life in N.Z.

On 16th we heard of the arrival from Ireland of Hugh’s sister Mary, with her family of sons and daughters, all to become settlers.[Mary was Mary Gledstanes. One son Cecil arrived earlier as a farm cadet. Mary purchased ‘Larkspur’ from General Stoddard and later built ‘Twickenham’]


March 1879. My Simple Life in N.Z.

One day we saw four riders coming to call; these were The Bishop of Auckland, Rt. Rev. W.G. Cowie, Rev W. Mulgan, and Messrs. Thorpe and Hoyte, their guides. Of course they lunched with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed talking about General, now Lord Robert, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and other mutual friends.


25 March 1879. B.O.P. Times

Messrs Louch and Son, Auctioneers will hold their monthly sale at their Sale Yards, adjoining the Uretara Hotel, Katikati on Wednesday, April 2, 1879 at noon. Draught and Saddle horses, Cows, Calves, Sheep, Leicester rams, etc. Tea in boxes, Sugar, L.B. and No.1; Salt in bags, Hams, Bacon, Kerosene, and other articles.


27 March 1879.B.O.P.Times.

Important Notice. A Meeting of Citizens is convened at the Temperance Hall, at 7.30.p.m.on Wednesday next, for the purpose of considering the advisability of urging the Government to continue the Railway from the Thames to Tauranga. G. V. Stewart; J. T. Gellibrand; E. G. Norris; John Chadwick; R. C. Jordan


22 April 1879. B.O.P.Times. Road Board meeting.

THE  TUAPIRO  RIVER. Canon Johnston, who was among those present, rose and said  – “I want to know what the County Council are doing to make a bridge across the Tuapiro River. I have often to take off my trousers to get across, and this is not pleasant. The bed of the river is composed of hard stones. For some time I kept a pair of old shoes at the sides, but someone stole them. {laughter] I would not have brought this forward, only it is on the main road to the Thames. Mr. Louch, who is here has crossed it and can say what it is like.”


3 May 1879. B.O.P. Times.

We hear that it is in contemplation to organize a Farmers’ Club at Katikati. As the district is exclusively agricultural, the project is likely to prove a decided success. It will certainly be a great boon to the settlement and enable the residents to communicate to each other the results of their experience in colonial farming. The movement has our hearty sympathy. By the way, could a similar club not be organised at Tauranga.


2 June 1879. School Records.

No 2. School in Beach Road opened with eleven pupils. Maria Gallaher ….. Head mistress.

The pupils listed  were:-

  1. Henry Fletcher
  2. Eustace Cosby Fletcher [sons of Dr. Thomas Fletcher of Homewood]
  3. William Turner [son of Alexander[Sandy] Turner, Uretara]
  4. Robert Wilson [son of John Wilson Prospect Cottage]
  5. John Clare Latimer [son of Hugh Latimer, Ferndale]
  6. Joseph Gallaher
  7. Thomas Gallaher
  8. David Gallaher
  9. William Gallaher [sons of James and Maria Gallaher, Sunnyhill]
  10. Percival Crene [son of Percival Crene, Highfield].
  11. Hugh Nesbit Latimer [son of Hugh Latimer, Ferndale]


June 1879. B.O.P. Times

Advertisement: Thomas J. Booth. Nursery and  Seedsman, Tauranga. Sale by auction at or near the Uretara Hotel a large selection of, Pines, Cupressus, Gums, Flowering shrubs, Evergreens.etc Also Blight-proof Apples, Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Plums and Lemons.


June 1879.

Captain Mervyn Stewart’s home called ‘Martray’ was built at Kauri Point Road by Mr. David Lundon Architect. Louch and Son.


10 June 1879.

Emily Sophia Stewart [eldest daughter of G.V.S. and Margaret Stewart] married Richard Villiers Surtees at her parents home Mt. Stewart. [Ongare Point.] Canon Johnston officiated. Louisa Surtees sister of the bridegroom and companion to Adela Stewart was one of the bridesmaids.


26 July 1879  B.O.P.Times.

Letters were received from Rev. Canon Johnston and General Stoddard asking permission to cut puriri trees for fencing purposes at Katikati. The applications were acceded to.


26 July 1879.B.O.P.Times.

In consequence of having to tow a raft of timber, to be used in the construction of the Aongatete bridge, the Katikati steamer leaves at six o’clock this morning, which is considerably before her regular time.


25 September 1879. B.O.P. Times.

A gentleman who rode over from Katikati yesterday informs us that not withstanding the heavy rain, the road is in good order. A large number of forest trees, planted by Captain Clarke along his boundary will greatly improve the appearance of the highway at this place. Mr. Stephen Earl has also planted several thousands of blue gums on each side of the main road which runs through his farm at the blockhouse. [Aongatete] Once they are grown up they will form a splendid avenue for miles along this road. Other gentlemen have done a good deal in this line, but not to such an extent as Mr. Earl, and Captain Clarke. If all the settlers who cultivate land contiguous to the public road were to imitate this good example, the face of the country would soon present a different appearance.


20 December 1879. Advertisement. B.O.P.Times.

URETARA  HOTEL B.MACDONELL. Begs to announce that the above Hotel, centrally situated on the Uretara River, is now open. Good Stabling and Accommodation for Travellers.

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